April real estate transfers

SIDNEY – The following are all of the real estate transfers that took place in Shelby County during April. Listed is who sold the property to whom, the street the property is located on, and the price it was sold for. Additional information can be found on the Shelby County Auditors Office website http://cama.shelbycountyauditors.com/cama/.


Bryce and Staci Garman to Michael and Gretchen Behr, Debra Drive, $122,500

Sharon Jones to Michael Buchanan and Kayla Myer, South Main Street, $119,500

Fort Loramie

Richard Wehrman to Eric Drees and Marissa Bettinger, Elm Street, $175,000

Andrew and Kathryn Barhorst to Laura and Kenneth Hickerson, Scarlet Drive, $43,000

Chad and Cheryl Koester to Kortnee Poeppelman, East Elm Street, $155,000

Jackson Center

Robert Thorne to Denae Eutsler, Parkview Drive, $185,000

Susan Kaufman to Dwight and Marilyn Johnson, North Fork Street, $150,000

Tom Demarcus to Klopfenstein Charity, Jackson Street, $68,500

Port Jefferson

Timothy Reist to Dylan McCrary, Broad Street and North Lane, $65,000


Middendorf Builders Inc. to Jeffery Stuck, Elizabeth Street, $99,000

Kent Borchers to Village of Russia, East Main Street, $65,000


Richard and Jacqueline Thoma to Jason and Tina Barhorst, North Main Avenue, $154,000

Orville and Jacqueline Jones to Timothy and Robin Bartee, Second Avenue, $15,000

Lindsay Shockey to Bethany Bolton, Brookburn Street, $110,000

Jerry Keener to Ryan Case, Park Street, $50,500

George Groff to Ronald and Darylene Elie, Taylor Drive, $105,000

James and Carolyn Ricker to Lisa Ferguson, Court Street, $41,000

Ralph and Jo Ann Cromes to Lois Fogt, Westwood Drive, $165,000

Charles Carnes to Corbert and Jennifer Fontenot, Lincoln Street, $100,000

Ryan Schlater to David Free, Alpine Court, $155,900

Elizabeth O’Neill trustee to Nathaniel Fridley, Stratford Drive, $171,500

Edward and Lisa McCord to Theodore and Carol Heckman, Apache Drive, $133,500

John Shaffer to Bryan and Tiffany Hoersten, Summer Field Trail, $297,500

William and Janet Risk to Cody Kahan, Village Green Drive, $157,500

Lesley Valentine to Thomas and Pamela Looker, Fair Oaks Drive, $19,500

Robert and Ollie Anthony to MVE Holdings LLC, Forest Street and Second Street, $180,000

Carl Smith to PDM Real Estate LLC, Marilyn Drive, $56,500

Tibor Jonas Sr. to Rumley Cattle Company LLC, $46,000

Jackson and Michele Glosser to Kathleen and Ashley Schemmel, South Miami Avenue, $65,000

Brad and Kristina Nuss to Gregory and Megan Snyder, East Hoewisher Road, $192,500

Assc SN LLC to SST II 700 Russell RD LLC, State Route 29 and Russell Road, $1,890,000

WAW Investment to Jessica and Jedediah Stewart, Fair Road, $89,000

Robert and Phyllis Fries to Steven and Deborah Strunk, Foraker Avenue, $8,500

Carl Zell to Cody Wagner, Meadowlane Drive, $112,000

Thomas and Sondra Boecker to Gregory and Priscilla Wilt, Westlake Drive, $270,000

Clinton Township

Rose Moore to Alvin and Dawn Cox, Schenk Road, $244,000

Cynthian Township

Keith and Joyce Kittel to Christopher Youngm Kaiser Road, $141,500

Dinsmore Township

Robert Kohler to Brian Kohler, Southland Road, $150,000

Jennifer Limbert to Luke and Jennifer Shroyer, Lock Two Road, $185,000

Franklin Township

Dale Bensman to Michael and Martha Bensman, state Route 29, $9,000

Beth Wannemacher to Charles Carnes, West Mason Road, $135,000

Michael Dilullo to Joshua Cornett, state Route 29, $141,000

Mark Clark to Michael Moore, Mason Road, $78,000

HBA Investments Inc. to Steven Spence, Lochard Road, $341,000

Jackson Township

Judy Liston to James and Rhonda Wildermuth, Lock Two Road, $78,000

Loramie Township

Dominic Richard to Ned Goubeaux, Russia-Houston Road, $10,000

Jerome Goubeaux to Ryan and Krista Schmitmeyer, Simon Road and Miller Road, $979,920

Orange Township

Harry Shultz trustee to Brent and Susan Driver, Charm Hill Drive, $225,000

Paul and Kathleen Wehrle to Brandon and Alicia Ferguson, County Road 25A, $132,000

Salem Township

Anita Lord to Cheryl Eagy, Fiebiger Drive, $132,000

Donald Davis trustee to Joshua and Jessica Haynes, Fiebiger Drive, $4,000

Ryan Schmidt to Daniel and Nicole Keith, Grain Street, $19,999

Jason and Denise Shiflett to Duane Platfoot, Sidney-Freyburg Road, $32,000

Turtle Creek Township

Michael Barhorst to John and Leah Fullenkamp, state Route 29, $824,000

David Siegel to Patrick and Jennider Knouff, Hardin-Wapakoneta Road, $522,300

Van Buren Township

James and Laura Layman to Cory Barlage, state Route 274 and East Shelby Road, $118,000

Andrew Kuck to Emily Gabel, state Route 29, $164,000

Patrick and Paulette Kiernan to Mark Hollenbacker, Roettger Road, $373,500

Rickey Arnold to Edward and Scotti Oellerman, Southland Road, $146,456

Washington Township

Julia Spearman to Nicholas Watercutter and Melinda Watercutter, Fair Road, $85,000

Compiled by Alexandra Newman

Compiled by Alexandra Newman