Christian Academy Schools takes proactive stance in child’s life

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Evan Miller receives the Honda Math Award.

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Josiah Kramer makes time to pray with Mr. Preston at Fairhaven.

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SIDNEY — “Not that the heart can be good without knowledge, for without knowledge the heart is empty. But there are two kinds of knowledge: the first is alone in its bare speculation of things, and the second is accompanied by the grace of faith and love, which causes a man to do the will of God from the heart. ― John Bunyan, The Pilgrim’s Progress: From This World to That Which is to Come

“At Christian Academy Schools, our progress is measured by the growth of our students. Students are an individual, therefore their needs are individual,” said Superintendent Mary Smith. “With a Mission of “Equipping and Inspiring the Next Generation of Christ-centered Leaders” Christian Academy Schools realizes the importance of taking a proactive stance in all areas of a child’s life. Enrollment is up at Christian Academy Schools. Families are taking advantage of two scholarships that are available to cover the cost of tuition: the Jon Peterson Scholarship for students on an IEP and the Ed Choice Expansion Scholarship for lower income families.”

Her report continues:

Academics are strong at CAS with our students taking 52 college courses for 159 credit hours. This number is up over 60 percent from last year. This year we have two finalists in the National Merit Scholarship Program: Ethan Young, a commended student and Evan Miller a Semifinalist in the program. Our ACT scores are strong with even an eighth-grader scoring a 29 on the test.

Standardized testing at Christian Academy Schools is given in all grades and has helped to create our goals for the school year. With such an outstanding staff, our students are learning and growing to new levels. Our kindergarteners, for example, are performing in the 97% of reading compared to other private and public students across the nation.

Our students are busy with missions and outreach this year. Our seventh and eighth graders began the year with a Christian tour of Washington DC. The younger grades have been reaching out to our police and firefighters, while the high school small groups have reached out to families, schools and community agencies to support people in need.

In January 2016, CAS was awarded re-accreditation for another five-year period from AdvancED and ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International). We are very proud of the work that was accomplished by both staff and stakeholders.

Our students continue to grow in their leadership through opportunities to participate in sports, music, art and Academia competitions. Our Student Council and National Honor Society leaders are developing the next generation through their examples. Our seventh- and eighth-graders were awarded Most Innovative Team in December at the Robotics Competition held at Wright State, competing again 24 teams throughout the state.

Now as we have begun the second semester we begin to prepare for our seniors to experience their senior trip. This year the students will travel to Washington D.C. While in D.C., the students and chaperones will serve the homeless and minister to those in need. This experience always proves to be a highlight of the years spent at CAS. Another opportunity for the hearts to be changed. For as was quoted at the beginning, knowledge accompanied by the grace of faith and love causes one to “do the will of God from the heart.” We are proud to report that Christian Academy Schools is excelling in academics as well as the work of the heart.

Evan Miller receives the Honda Math Award. Miller receives the Honda Math Award. Courtesy photo

Josiah Kramer makes time to pray with Mr. Preston at Fairhaven. Kramer makes time to pray with Mr. Preston at Fairhaven. Courtesy photo

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