Christian Academy Schools Honor roll

Christian Academy Schools

SIDNEY — Christian Academy School has released its honor roll for the first nine weeks of the 2016-17 school year.

A honor roll

Fourth-grade: Ryan Michael and Clayton Edwards

Fifth-grade: Evan Michael, Isaiah Abbott and Emerson Stein

Sixth-grade: Kole McAlexander

Seventh-grade: Samantha Faulder

Eighth-grade: Laurel Chalfant and Abby Smitley

Freshmen: Mya Newman and Garrett Kramer

Sophomores: Mackenzie Bricker, Aly Baughman an Micah Condon

Juniors: Hannah Michael and Katie Smitley

Seniors: Jay Curlis, Alena Tagle and Josiah Kramer

A-B honor roll

Fourth-grade: Savannah Baughman, Colleen Chalfant and Aubie Wilson

Fifth-grade: Jamie Gwynette Eppinga, Hannah Carter, Emma Nordquist and Philip Bond

Sixth-grade: Faith Lord and Karli Hiler

Seventh-grade: Abby Kramer and Alysha Mauer

Eighth-grade: Zach Baughman, Brooke Fishback, Cassidy Rhoades and Addison Morris

Freshmen: Kelly Curlis, Emma Michael, Melody Joines, Emma Abbott, Alyssa Pepiot, Devon Jones, Gideon Weymer and Aubrey Byler

Sophomore: Hannah Heaberlin

Juniors: Josten Carpenter, Alexis Boersma, Noah Joines and Michael Toal

Seniors: Gunnar Weymer, Bethany Abbott, Summer Inman, Jesse Divens and Paul Kindig

Christian Academy Schools