Capital Budget-Help for Good Local Projects

By State Representative Jim Buchy

This year’s Capital Budget totaled $2.6 billion, of which $160 million was allocated toward state projects. Often times the remaining funds go toward local projects which have raised a substantial amount of funds through their local governments and community fundraising. In this capital budget, I am pleased that a number of important projects throughout the 84th House District will be receiving state funds. Senator Faber should especially be thanked for his work to ensure that his Senate District received the needed support to encourage continued private investment in our communities.

In Auglaize County, a number of projects will be receiving funding. For instance, the Armstrong Air and Space Museum received the needed funding for renovations what will help bring more tourism to the area and allow the museum to better serve surrounding schools. The Auglaize County Universal Complex also received money to expand their fairgrounds for multi-seasonal purposes and improve the annual fair.

The East Main St. facility and Garst Museum in Darke County both secured funds to help broaden their community impact for years to come. The YOLO Organization also received funding to build a splash park in downtown Greenville which will attract consumers to local businesses and revitalize downtown Greenville. Additionally, Friends of Harmon Field, who have already raised significant local dollars toward the new athletic complex, will now receive state assistance to repair these fields for our local sports teams.

Thanks to Representative Steve Huffman, The Union Literary Preservation Society secured funds to help preserve the Longtown Clemens Homestead Museum. This homestead, an important part of Darke County history, is where freed African American Slaves could find safety in the years leading up to the Civil War. It is imperative that we preserve this local history for generations to come.

In Mercer County, the Celina Bryson Pool, Ft. Recovery Community Park, and Rockford Shane’s Park all received funds to continue providing services benefitting the health and wellness of the community. The Grand Lake St. Marys Lake Facilities Authority also received necessary funding to complete the Chickasaw Treatment Train wetlands project which will, along with other successful treatment trains, provide a much needed natural to maintain nutrient balances in the lake.

The villages of Coldwater and St. Henry will be receiving funds to boost recreational activities in the community. With these monies Coldwater will be able to update existing recreation space and construct an amphitheater, while St. Henry will be able to finish the community pool. The Tri-Star Career Compact was also able to secure funds to expand career services and better prepare their students for their future jobs.

Shelby County was able to get funding to be added to the already robust local funding to complete renovations to Redskin Memorial Park. The Shelby County Fairgrounds will also receive $200,000 towards a new grand stand, which will replace the current, aging facility.

These funds will make a real difference in our communities, encouraging healthy lifestyles while drawing continued tourism and investment. We look forward to the completion of these projects and the positive impact they will have in western Ohio.

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By State Representative Jim Buchy