Amazed and insulted by recent opinion column

To the editor:

Amazing is the word that comes to mind to describe the arrogance of paid writer, Marla Boone in her recent rant on the editorial page of the Sidney Daily News.

Even though she claimed to be “speechless” over the election of Donald Trump, she filled the entire length of the paper with her litany of left wing musings and inferences about how stupid a person would have to be to vote for Mr. Trump.

Perhaps Ms. Boone should have checked the statistics before setting out to demean a very high percentage of the readers of this newspaper. In Shelby County, roughly 90 percent of registered voters turned out for this election. Of that unprecedented number of voters, more than 78 percent voted for Donald Trump.

I found particularly insulting the statement that the writer wonders how any man with a wife, daughter, or mother could look any of these women in the eye if he voted for Mr. Trump.

Using only a modicum of common sense (a trait apparently sorely lacking in folks who “think” like this writer) and basic mathematics, it is obvious that a very large number of women in Shelby County voted for him as well.

I can tell you with absolute certainty that at least seven women in my immediate family voted for Mr. Trump and did so knowing full well that he is not a perfect human being. They voted for him because they listened to what he proposed in his campaign presentations, regardless of his sometimes irreverent way of making his points.

Paramount among those positions is his view of what makes a good Supreme Court Justice. They (we) are tired of the Constitution being remade to suit an ideology which is the polar opposite of that embraced by the framers of that cherished document.

They (we) are also fed up with being told how we must think, how we must speak, and that we are unfit to be called human if we don’t agree with the pronouncements of the sanctimonious liberal elite.

Of course, Ms. Boone has the right to express her views freely and I firmly believe she will still have that right after four years of rule by us deplorable barbarians. I certainly hope so, because another missive like the one she just penned will be just the ticket to encourage voters to extend the “reign of terror” for another four years.

Denny York