For 8 summer nights, 2 starkly different visions of America

WASHINGTON (AP) — For eight summer nights, there were two starkly different visions of America.

At Donald Trump’s Republican convention, America was a nation spiraling into chaos and economic ruin. Immigrants were cast as criminals, or in some cases, potential terrorists. The government is rigged for the wealthy and powerful — almost past the point of repair.

The Democratic convention in Philadelphia was a four-day rebuttal.

Hillary Clinton acknowledged Americans’ economic and security anxieties, but she optimistically defended the country’s greatness.

Immigrants were celebrated at the Democratic gathering, including those brought to the U.S. illegally as children. Government may be gridlocked, but it was also framed as a tool for protecting and providing opportunity for the marginalized.

In three months, voters will decide whose vision they believe is right.