BC-OH–Election-Ohio Coverage,ADVISORY, OH




The following details the Ohio AP’s coverage plans for Tuesday’s primary. This advisory may be updated.

Some television and radio stations will receive shorter APNewsNow versions of the stories below, along with updates.

Questions should go to Ohio AP news editor Deb Martin at 1-800-762-4841 or 614-885-2727 or dmartin@ap.org.



Moving Monday for Tuesday AMs:

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio-News Guide. Things to know/watch for in the primary. 500 words.

For Tuesday PMs:

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio. Roundup of presidential, congressional and other noteworthy races. About 500 words by 3 a.m., updated early Tuesday after polls open at 6:30 a.m. With photos of voting.

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio-The Latest. Brief updates on developments through the day.


Moving Tuesday for Wednesday:

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio. Roundup of noteworthy races. Early version to move by 2 p.m., updated as warranted throughout the day, after polls close at 7:30 p.m., and to incorporate race results. 650 words by end of night. With photos of voting during the day, presidential candidate watch parties in the evening.

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio-The Latest. Developments throughout the day and results at night.

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio-President. Angle, format TBD.

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio-Congress. Highlights include the races for John Boehner’s seat and which Democrat will challenge Sen. Rob Portman. Early version to move by 1:30 p.m., updated with results. 450 words by end of night.

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio-State Races. Highlights of legislative and Supreme Court races. Early version to move by 1:30 p.m., updated with results. 450 words by end of night.

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio-Exit Poll. Developing from poll results. 450 words by end of night.

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio-Glance. Key matchups for fall once primary results are known. The first version is expected to move by midevening Tuesday and be updated once more races are decided.


For Wednesday PMs:

— BC-OH–Election-Ohio — A look ahead to the November election. 550 words by 4 a.m.

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