Ohio woman sentenced to prison for killing Chicago teacher

CHICAGO (AP) — An Ohio woman has been sentenced to 15 years in prison in the killing of a Catholic high school teacher in his suburban Chicago home.

During Thursday’s sentencing hearing, Cook County Circuit Judge James Obbish dismissed Alisha Walker’s contention at trial that she acted in self-defense when she stabbed to death 61-year-old Brother Rice High School teacher Al Filan. However, he said he didn’t believe she walked in the door with murder in her heart.

The 23-year-old Walker of Akron claimed she acted in self-defense after Filan became angry and grabbed a knife when she and another prostitute refused to have unprotected sex with him in January 2014.

Prosecutors argued Walker fabricated the story in an effort to avoid responsibility in Filan’s death. Walker was convicted of second-degree murder in January.