Ohio plumber reunites long-lost class rings with owners

MANSFIELD, Ohio (AP) — Four long-lost class rings have been returned to the owners, thanks to a northern Ohio plumber.

Three women were recently in Mansfield to personally retrieve their rings, some of which had been lost decades ago.

Trent Dawson says it all started when his daughter was looking for her mother’s class ring. Dawson says four other rings were found in her jewelry box.

Dawson, the Mansfield owner of a plumbing business, says the rings were found over the years during plumbing jobs, cleaned up and put away.

His daughter motivated him to try to find the owners. So Dawson contacted Mr. Rooter Plumbing’s headquarters and they launched a social media campaign to find them. The four owners were found after several months of searching.

Cherie Kissiar’s reunion with her ring was emotional, as it was one of the last items her mother bought her before dying of breast cancer. It had been missing since 1991.

“I never, ever thought in a million years that I would get it back,” Kissiar told the Mansfield News Journal.

Connie Keck lost her class ring when her daughter and a friend took it to school in the 1980s. Dawson said he found it in a manhole in 2009. Keck traveled from Florida to retrieve it.

Karen Singrey, who lost her ring eight years ago, said she too was surprised to see it back in her hands.

Dawson said he’s glad his company took the extra time and effort to reunite the owners with their rings.

“After hearing the stories, it means a lot more to me,” he said.