West Avenue to close for project

SIDNEY — Motorists traveling through downtown Sidney may have to find alternate routes part of this summer if they normally use West Avenue.

Randy Magoto, engineering manager for the city of Sidney, reported in the City Manager’s Newsletter recently that Tumbusch Construction is planning to start work on West Avenue beginning June 29. The scheduled date for the project to be completed and the street fully reopened is Aug. 31.

The project will include installation of storm sewers, curb replacement, removal of asphalt/brick pavement, and replacement with new asphalt.

The plan is to maintain local traffic access on West Avenue from Court Street (as much as possible) to just north of the first alley north of Court until Aug. 3, Magoto said. After this date the asphalt and brick will be removed all the way to Court and use of the south City Hall parking area will be limited to access only to and from the Court Street entrance.

This drive to the City Hall parking area is not wide enough for two vehicles to pass and it is difficult to turn left onto Court, said Magoto. He recommended that the city staff use the canal parking lot on the south side of Court Street during this time period between Aug. 3 and approximately Aug. 17.

Poplar Street will be closed at the intersection on both sides of West Avenue for most of the duration of the project and vehicle access to City Hall, the fire station and the Sidney-Shelby County Health Department will be limited to access from the west on Poplar only.

Vehicle access to businesses between West and Ohio Ave (including the Sidney Theatre, the Bridge Restaurant and Canal Place Apartments) will be limited to access from the east. Fire and rescue calls going east from the fire station may have to use North Street for access, Magoto said.

The postal drop-off entrance from West Avenue will be closed from July 20 to late August. Because there is not enough room for vehicles to pull in from North Street to use the drop boxes and turn around to exit onto North, the drop boxes will need to be taken out of service for this time period, Magoto said. He said he was to meet with the postmaster to discuss temporarily locating the drop boxes along the alley to the rear of the post office.

Traffic on Court and North streets should not be impacted during this project and detour signs for the alternate truck route will be placed as needed, Magoto said.

This schedule is a prediction and with any construction project it is subject to delays for weather or unforeseen conditions, Magoto said.