Jackson Center approves funds

JACKSON CENTER– The Jackson Center Village Council met June 20 in a special meeting to pass a resolution to commit village funds to match CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization Program for 2015.

Council members had passed a similar resolution back in April. However, the language that needs to be in the resolution has changed since that time and requires council to pass this new resolution with the updated language.

This resolutions states that the sum of $834,000 is hereby committed to be used as matching funds for the CDBG Neighborhood Revitalization Program and that if such funding is obtained it will be committed to the followng activities: Street Improvements, $313,000; Flood and Drainage Facilities, $100,000; Water Facility Improvements, $163,000; Sidewalk Improvements, $204,000; Public Utilities, $5,000; Parks and Recreation, $22,000; and Parking Facilities, $27,000.