City record

Police log


-11:07 p.m.: theft and aggravated menacing. Terra Williams, 227 Dayton Ave., reported the theft of two debit cards from her residence.

-8:01 p.m.: receiving stolen property. Police were called to 228 1/2 N. Main Ave. on a report of a disturbance. They arrested Jonathan G. Meeker, 35, 414 N. Walnut Ave., Apt. A, on charges of receiving stolen property and selling, purchasing, distributing or delivering dangerous drugs.

-2:24 p.m.: possession of drugs and criminal tools. Police found a container with heroin in a vehicle at 1529 Michigan St.


-4:42 p.m.: criminal damaging. Michael Gregg, 133 Oldham Ave., reported an exterior door to his basement was damaged. Loss was $600.

-2:02 p.m.: aggravated menacing. Latonya Oliver, 989 Buckeye Ave., reported someone threatened her.

-7:01 a.m.: breaking and entering. Someone apparently entered the Clark gas station, 1301 Wapakoneta Ave. Nothing was reported stolen.


-5:52 p.m.: theft. Personnel at the Fuel Stop, 125 W. Court St., reported a motorist left without paying $10 for gas.

-12:45 p.m.: property found. A bicycle was found in the area of Chestnut Avenue and Fair Road.

-12:36 p.m.: criminal damaging. Rita Pitrelli, 312 Charles Ave., reported someone broke a window as her residence. Loss was $200.

-2:48 a.m.: burglary. Dallas Ryan, 423 S. Miami Ave., reported someone entered his residence and stole a TV and game console, valued at $500.

-2:16 a.m.: driving under the influence. Police arrested Adrian M. Franklin, 33, at large, at Tully Drive and Abbott Circle on charges of driving the influence, obstructing official business and failure to comply with an order of a police officer.

-1:52 a.m.: criminal trespass. Police arrested Melissa A. Agner, 24, 21253 Botkins Road, Jackson Center, on a charge of criminal trespass at the Dawg Pound Lounge.


-9:55 p.m.: drug abuse. Possible drug overdose was reported at 231 1/2 W. Poplar St. A small baggie of suspected heroin was found.

-6:59 p.m.: property found. A wallet was found and given to police. It is the property of Jonathan Meeker, of Orlando, Florida.

-6:05 p.m.: warrant. Police arrested Derek Millhouse, 26, 520 Heather Way, on a warrant from Auglaize County.

-5:53 p.m.: theft. Kyleigh Hall, of Piqua, reported a purse, cell phone and other items, valued at $317, were stolen from 230 S. Miami Ave.

-2:38 p.m.: criminal trespass. Police arrested Michael McGee, 19, 119 Shelby St., on a charge of criminal trespass. He allegedly was knocking on the door at the residence of Christine Elson, 211 1/2 E. South St., in violation of a court order.

-2:17 p.m.: burglary. Paula George, 217 E. Edgewood St., reported jewelry, valued at $550, and $200 in cash were stolen from her residence.

-1:01 p.m.: endangering children. Police received a report of possible child endangering. A child had bruising around the face and chin.

-9:06 a.m.: criminal damaging. Clinton Cramer, 648 N. Ohio Ave., reported someone slashed four tires on his vehicle while it was parked in his front yard. Loss was $50.


-2:47 p.m.: property lost. Rebecca Schutte, 320 Grove St., reported she lost her wallet.


-8:22 p.m.: theft. Personnel at the China Garden restaurant reported a man and woman ate a meal and left without paying $19.

-2:46 p.m.: property found. A credit card was found at 101 E. Court St.

-1:44 p.m.: theft. Personnel at Menards reported the theft of nine refrigerator water filters, valued at $453.61.


Ian Fries, 18, of Covington, was cited with failure to maintain an assured clear distance after an accident Friday at 4:16 p.m.

Fries was southbound in the 200 block of Ohio Avenue and failed to stop in time for stopped traffic. His auto hit the rear of a vehicle driven by Steven Strunk, 54, 710 Foraker Ave.

• Patricia Cagle, 62, 632 Folkerth Ave., Lot 52, was cited with a traffic control device violation after an accident Thursday at 9:40 p.m.

Cagle was westbond on North Street and failed to yield at a four-way stop at Highland Avenue. Her auto hit a car that was northbound on Highland and driven by Ryan Price, 33, 826 1/2 Crescent Drive.

• Kaylee Smith, 19, 3209 Red Feather Drive, was cited with failure to yield the right of way after an accident Saturday at 10:59 a.m.

Smith was attempted to turn left from 55 S. Vandemark Road onto Vandemark and hit a southbound auto driven by Martha Morrison, 63, 1206 Taft St. The Sidney Department of Fire & Emergency Services responded to the crash to assist Morrison, who had possible injuries. She was not transported.

• Allisha Hiles, 26, 129 S. Walnut Ave., was cited with improper starting after an accident Friday at 1:16 p.m.

Hiles was pulling from the curb in the 100 block of South Walnut Avenue and her auto was hit by a southbound car driven by Nathan Manthey, 37, 124 N. Miami Ave.

• Kiera Leiss, 16, 1100 Apple Blossom Lane, was cited with failure to yield the right of way after an accident Saturday at 9:53 a.m.

Leiss was northbound on Third Avenue and stopped at Park Street. She told police she thought the intersection was a four-way stop. She pulled out and hit a car that was westbound on Park. The driver of the other auto was Niki Linniman, 32, 319 Grant St.

• Rebecca L. Hatton, 48, 328 Sycamore Ave., was cited with driving under the influence and failure to control after an accident Friday at 1:44 a.m.

Hatton was eastbound on Ohio 47, at Fourth Avenue. She attempted to turn left onto Fourth. Her auto struck the curb at the northeast corner, ran off the road, went into the ditch, and came to rest on a concrete culvert. No injuries were reported.

• Stacy Smith, 31, 803 S. Main Ave., was cited with failure to maintain an assured clear distance after an accident Monday at 12:05 p.m.

Smith pulled behind a car that was stopped northbound on Brooklyn Avenue at Court Street at a red traffic light. As Smith stopped, a can of pop fell off the seat onto her right foot. Smith was unable to stop and her car hit the rear of the other auto, which was driven by Bruce Verdier, 49, of Noblesville, Indiana.

• Vera Bell-Piper, 89, 1641 Cumberland Ave., was cited with making an improper lane change after an accident Monday at 12:36 p.m.

Bell-Piper was northbound on Vandemark Road, near Daniel Drive, when she changed lances from left to right and hit a northbound car driven by Deborah Stutzman, 66, 516 Thomas Drive.

Fire, rescue


-1:38 a.m. to 12:38 p.m.: Medics responded to eight calls.


-6:27 a.m. to 6:25 p.m.: Medics responded to seven calls.

-12:50 p.m.: fire. Firefighters were called to 1529 E. Court St., Apt. D, where a cooking fire was out on their arrival.


-8:56 p.m.: smoke detector. Firefighters were called to the 500 block of Culvert Street, where a faulty smoke detector was found.

-4:33 p.m.: services not needed. Firefighters were called to the 89 mile marker of Interstate 75, but their services were not needed.

-11:50 a.m.: alarm. Firefighters were called to 2400 Industrial Drive. It was an accidental fire alarm.

-11:40 a.m.: Medics responded to a call.


Compiled by Michael Seffrin.