Sidney boy saved from drowning

CELINA — A bystander saved a 4-year-old Sidney boy in one of two near-drowning incidents in Celina over the weekend.

According to information on the Mercer County Outlook website, the first incident occurred Saturday about 3:09 p.m. on Lakeshore Drive, near South Ash Street, during Celina Lake Festival activities. Dandre Kelly, 4, of Sidney, was strapped in his stroller on a concrete walkway at the water’s edge. His mother, Heather Samari, also of Sidney, was playing with her two other children. The 4-year-old’s father was watching him. He looked to his other children and wife. Samari looked back at the same time and saw Dandre’s stroller coast off of the sidewalk and into about 4 feet of water.

This was also witnessed by 58-year-old Jerry Barger, of Celina. Barger took immediate action and jumped into the water. He lifted the child in his stroller out of the water. The child, who had been under approximately 45 seconds, began spitting up water and gasping. Jenny Snider, a nurse from Celina, was also on scene and took charge of the child before handing him off of a Celina Police officer, who got him to medics.

Dandre was treated and released from a local hospital and is expected to be OK. No charges are expected to be filed in connection with the incident.

The other incident occurred Sunday about 7 p.m. at a private property given at the city-owned Bryson Pool. Benzen Hinkle, 3, of the Celina area, was swimming in about 4 feet of water, apparently unattended. Rachel Kimmel, of Celina, noticed the child swimming alone. She attempted to keep an eye on him as well as her own children. A short time later she found Hinkle floating face down and unresponsive. She rescued the boy from the water. She reported he had a purple cast and was not breathing. Once out of the water the child was given rescue breathing by his mother, Heather Hinkle. He responded and regained breathing on his own.

Benzen was taken to a local hospital, treated and released. The incident remains under review by Celina Police.

Staff report