City record

Police log


-6:16 p.m.: felonious assault. Police arrested Craig Anderson, 49, 235 Hillcrest Ave., on a charge of felonious assault. He allegedly assaulted Brian Kendall, 2101 River Road, in the parking lot at 2400 Michigan St. Kendall had a severe cut.

-6:04 p.m.: assault. Karl R. Stewart Jr., 2335 Collins Drive, Apt. I, reported someone assaulted him at 311 S. Ohio Ave.

-5:44 p.m.: drug trafficking and possession of criminal tools. Police arrested Brianna Thornton, 29, 604 S. Miami Ave., in the 400 block of Campbell Road on charges of drug trafficking and possession of criminal tools. She allegedly had 19 capsules containing heroin.

-11:20 a.m.: possession of drugs and criminal tools. Police found heroin capsules and spoons and a syringe in a vehicle at 1910 Fair Road.

-8:32 a.m.: warrant. Police arrested Steven F. Holstein, 57, of Canton, on a warrant.

-7:17 a.m.: property found. A bicycle found in front of the Sidney Municipal Court entrance was given to police.


-10:39 p.m.: unruly juvenile. A person reported his brother attacked his mother.


Lonnie Brown-Rembert, 26, 725 St. Marys Ave., was cited with failure to control after an accident Monday at 6:36 p.m.

Brown-Rembert was westbound in the 200 block of Pike Street and sideswiped a parked car. Brown-Rembert pulled over and stopped for a moment, and then left. A police officer stopped Brown-Rembert a short time later, but he did not tell the officer about the accident. A witness on the front porch of a nearby residence saw the accident. The parked car is owned by Derek Welch, 206 Pike St.

Fire, rescue


-8:48 a.m.: alarm. Firefighters were called to 1215 Campbell Road by an alarm.


-10:34 a.m. to 11:50 p.m.: Medics responded to 11 calls.

-3:59 p.m.: natural gas. Firefighters were called to 110 E. Poplar St. on a report of natural gas. They did not detect any gas.


Compiled by Michael Seffrin.