Out of the past

100 years

July 31, 1915

Misses Mayme Burns, Mary Ricker, Helen Bustetter, Lenora Ovenden, Adelaide Amann, Alma Schneider, Magdeline Kingseed, Irene Weingartner, Mr. and Mrs. William Kingseed, Jr. and Urban Doorley were among those who motored to Russells Point yesterday to attend the Knights of Columbus outing.


Miss Isabelle Eichel has returned home from Uniontown, PA, after spending the past few months with her sister. She was accompanied home by her sister, Miss Clara Eichel, who will spend the remainder of the summer here.

75 years

July 31, 1940

Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jacoby received a telegram yesterday advising them they had won third prize in a typical Ohio family contest, conducted recently by a Columbus newspaper. The award is a weekend tour to New York and the world’s fair with all expenses paid.


Huber Smith, a member of the Sidney High School Band, has been named as one of the 250 boys representing 117 towns and virtually every county in the state who will form the All-Ohio Band to play at the Ohio State Fair. They will play at various activities throughout the week.


Tenaciously the blistering heat wave continues to hold the area within its grasp: At noon today, the mercury had climbed to 96 ½ degrees, with 74 degrees the lowest reading in the past 24 hours.

50 years

July 31, 1965

The Sidney Junior Tennis Tournament started today with one match. The tourney is divided into two classes, A and B. Marc Hill is seeded first in Class A and Lynn Russell is seeded second. Bobby Lonsbury and Mike Flanagan are third and fourth respectively. In Class B, Margie Milligan is seeded first and JoAnne Tailor is second. The tournament is for members of Paul Needles Jr.’s classes and all matches will be at Julia Lamb Courts.


WASHINGTON – The Agriculture Department evaluates modern farming as the nation’s biggest industry. It cites statistics to prove it in a publication called “Background on U.S. Agriculture.” The department noted that three out of every 10 jobs in private employment are related to agriculture.

25 years

July 31, 1990

The recently completed Shelby County Fair results have now been released. The grand champion steer was purchased by the Sidney Daily News. Publisher Linda Coffman did the bidding. The newspaper paid $2.60 a pound for the show winner. Chad Huelskamp was the owner of the animal. Emerson Wagner also paid $9 a pound for the Grand Champion lamb. It was owned and raised by Jennifer Brandt.


There has been another major archaeological discovery in the Middle East. For years, many doubted the biblical accounts of the golden calf, which was allegedly worshipped by the Caananites. A team digging at the site of the ancient city of Ashkelon has uncovered a small golden calf relic that is at least 3,500 years old.



Out of the past

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