Shelby County Fair Girl Scout results

The Arts

Avery Bergman, daisy, T-shirt Headbands, Best of Class

Brooklyn Fortkamp, brownie, Melting Crayons Canvas, Best of Class

Cora Hernandez, junior, Straight Pin String Art, Best of Class

Alana Stricker, junior, Relay for Life Tree painting, Reserve Best of Class

Lena Stangel, cadette, “Thumper” drawing, Best of Class

Kathryn Imke, senior/ambassador, Wildflower photo, Honorable Mention

Day Camp

Kelsi Hiler, daisy, Tie-dyed Pillowcase, Best of Class

MariJayne Jones, brownie, Tie-dyed Pillowcase, Best of Class

Brooke Fogt, junior, Bucket sit-upon, Best of Class

Katy Leonard, junior, Shell Casting, Reserve Best of Class

Lena Stangel, cadette, Knot Board, Best of Class

Customs and Traditions

Corrina Holtzapple, brownie, Rubber Band Bracelet Collection, Honorable Mention


Abbie Ragan, junior, Chocolate Swirl Brownie, Best of Class

Lauren Bergman, junior, Best Carrot Cake, Honorable Mention


Lauren Bergman, junior, Birdhouse with stones, Honorable Mention

Lena Stangel, cadette, Centerpiece using nature’s castoffs, Honorable Mention