Out of the past

125 Years

May 11, 1893

A large plate glass window in the store of Markland and McCaslin was broken last night. A pistol ball fired by some unknown person did the work.


A contract for the stonework on the new Piper building has been let to John Smith, the iron work to Philip Smith.


A large number of new dwellings have been put up this spring in the Johnston Addition.


Dr. J.C. Minton, of Henrietta, Tex., has opened a dental office in the room over the News and Democrat office.

100 Years

May 11, 1918

The War Chest campaign for Shelby county, which will have as its goal $100,000, will open on Sunday May 19, it was announced today. This charitable enterprise has arisen as a war-emergency measure to eliminate time and money in many charity campaigns. An invitation has been extended to Gov. James M. Cox to visit Sidney on May 25, the day 108 Shelby county boys leave for Camp Taylor, Ky.


Eight men left for military service today aboard a special train on the B. & O. They will report to Fort Thomas, Ky. Included in the group were: Francis M. Tate, Damon Quinn, Harry Sheldon, Earl Carey, Dorsey Morris, Daniel W. Schilling, Louis Hoying, and Joseph H. Knuefner.

75 Years

May 11, 1943

“Childhood on Parade” will be the title of the annual spring musical to be presented by the children of the Sidney elementary schools on May 20 and 21. The production, which will feature storybook characters dear to the heart of children, will be presented in the high school auditorium by pupils in the first grades.


Martial law is reported to have been proclaimed in Holland and a new reign of terror unloosed in Greece today as the Axis prepared to face possible allied landings on Europe’s northern and southern shores.

50 Years

May 11, 1968

Carl E. Bowman, 32, currently of 621 Wood street in Piqua, is the newest member of the Sidney Police Department.

Bowman’s addition to the force, authorized by city council last year, brings the department’s total strength to 19 men. The new patrolman, currently working the 4 p.m. to midnight shift, expects to move his home to Sidney in the near future.


CINCINNATI – Johnny Bench said it was mostly a matter of relaxing. And the way the rookie Reds catcher has been hitting the last five days, one would think he was on a steady diet of tranquilizers.

It was just last Sunday that Bench, batting .159, delivered a game-winning double in the 16th inning to beat the Dodgers in Los Angeles. Since then, the 20-year-old catcher has rapped out nine hits in 15 swings and driven home four runs. The nine hits include three doubles and one homer.

25 Years

May 11, 1993

QUINCY – A prestigious national award has gone to a Quincy man and his dog.

A border collie named Nap, trained and shown by Ralph Pulfer, 9142 State Route 235, has won the 1992 Purina Award as the Outstanding Field Trial Herding Dog.

Nap collected 300 points in sheep dog herding competition throughout the nation during 1992, with the closest competitor garnering 230 points. Pulfer earned $1,500 prize and a large oil painting of the dog in front of the Pulfer house.

Winning the Purina Award is a crowning achievement for Pulfer, who says he started working with herding dogs as a youngster. Now a retired grain and dairy farmer, Pulfer said he started with a shepherd Scotch collie and then English shepherds. “I switched to border collies around 40 years ago after I happened to see one working someplace,” he said

Border collies herded cattle on Pulfer’s Quincy farm for 35 years and he has worked with many dogs over the years.


These news items from past issues of the Sidney Daily News are compiled by the Shelby County Historical Society (937-498-1653) as a public service to the community. Local history on the Internet! www.shelbycountyhistory.org