Vote “NO” on school levy

To the editor:

On Nov. 6, 2018, we will be voting on another school levy, they say it is an “emergency renewal.” The last one was the same way, an emergency levy. Every time the school board puts a levy on, they say it is an “emergency.”

How much more does the homeowner have to take? I just had my property taxes go up for what reason I do not know. They want to tell you that it is for supplies and other things, like upkeep, fuel, and other things. Let think about this a bit, they are still sitting on all that money that is in the general fund? If I remember right, it is in the neighborhood of $20 million-plus. And not only that, they were given $66,000 from the casinos by the state gambling commission. I think it is time that they tighten up the belt and cut corners. I, myself, have to, for everything is going up since the raising of wages. My wife and I are on a fixed income. We are both retired and are on Social Security, and you know that doesn’t go up. The price of groceries and g=as are going up all the time. Along with that too, now that the hurricane hit, my flood and home owner’s insurance are going to go up again. Where do you think they are going to get that money? From homeowners.

I am tired of paying these high taxes, and it’s due to these school levies all the time. We said “no” once before, and it is time to say it again. That is the only way they can get their money — from the homeowner, and i say “enough is enough.” Spend some of that money you have in the general fund, along with that $66,000 you got, too. There are a lot of areas I know you can cut and so do you.

I hope the other homeowners that are tired of paying high taxes will follow along and vote this levy down. We did before and I know we can again. I will vote it down and I hope you will follow me.

John Burnside