SIDNEY — Sidney native Christi Thomas has been elected to the American Association of Community Theatre (AACT) Board as Region III AACT Rep.

AACT Regions are divided among all 50 states plus Region X which is the US Military Oversees. Region III consists of Wisconsin, Michigan, Illinois, Indiana and Ohio. Theater festivals are held in the odd-numbered years and Region III recently held their 2019 festival in Kokomo, Indiana, at Indiana University’s Haven Auditorium.

AACT is the national community theatre organization, whose chief goal is to enable community theatres across the country to become the cornerstones of the creative life of their communities—to provide quality entertainment, intellectual stimulation, challenge and opportunity, and to be worthy contributors to an improved quality of life for the communities which they serve.

Thomas sang her first solo in first grade and had her first community theater role in 1980 in Sock & Buskin Players’ “Fiddler on the Roof.” Her love of theater took her all over Ohio and she was elected to the Ohio Community Theatre Association (OCTA) Board in 1995. She attended her first Region III AACTFest in Muncie, Indiana in 1999 and her first national festival in 2003 in Torrington, Connecticut.

“I love attending AACT festivals,” says Thomas, “because a large number of the productions are not something you’d see in small town community theaters.”

“And,” she said, “it becomes a small world. In 2011 at AACTFest in Rochester, New York, I ran into a girl with the theater group from Bradenton, Florida, who was originally from Sidney. And, recently a gentleman from Indiana noted one of his best friends lived in Sidney and I discovered I had graduated high school with her son.”

In 2013, AACTFest was held in Carmel, Indiana, and Thomas was awarded the David C. Bryant Outstanding Service Award for significant, valuable, and lasting service to community theater.

“Being on the AACT Board will be so exciting,” said Thomas. “I will get to work with some of the most talented theater people I have ever met, from all over the country. Then in 2021 when it’s Ohio’s turn to host, I will be in charge of the Region III AACTFest in Perrysburg with help from my fellow OCTA Board members.”