FORT LORAMIE—The Fort Loramie American Legion Auxiliary, Post 355, held a meeting on Aug. 11. In attendance were 14 members, guest Jim Koppin and four of the Buckeye Girls State delegates.

Lynn Crowe, treasurer, gave the report. All bills were read and accepted with a motion made by Patty Eilerman and seconded by Cindy Moore to pay.

Deb Albers, membership chairperson, reported two new members to the organization and stated the membership are presently due again.

Appreciation thank you letters were read from Julie Frey, Jeanne Prueter, Judy Prueter, The Holy Angels Soup Kitchen and Dana Puterbaugh, CBC-Account representative.

The blood drive was held on June 18.

Discussion was made for Children & Youth to have a “Halloween Costume Party.” Members are checking into a date with the possibility of Friday, Oct. 25. Cindy Plas will look into further dates.

New business of celebrating Auxiliary members birthdays, for their 90th and 95th, with an auxiliary memner delivering a bouquet of flowers from D&D Blooms, was discussed. All were in agreement.

The Quarter Auction was discussed and plans are in process with the date of Nov. 19 in mind. Jeanne Boerger and Deb Albers are committee chairmen.

Bar Bingo will be scheduled for Friday, Oct. 11, and Friday, Nov. 15, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. Future dates will be discussed.

A small discussion was made about T-shirts for the 100th anniversary. It was decided to be discussed at a later date.

Committee reports for VA & R of sewing ditty bags was mutually decided to wait until November to schedule a sewing date. All material is upstairs at the Legion.

Lynn Crowe reported the Veterans Day schedule for the Poppy Drive will be Nov. 11 and 12, and she will schedule the volunteers. She may do flags and will speak with Brad Turner at school about the Veterans Day Assembly and donations.

President Cindy Plas spoke of the website for “perks” for the Auxiliary members. There are numerous discounts for entertainment an items. A copy will be included in the newsletter.

The Buckeye Girls State had six representatives this year. Four girls arrived to the meeting to speak about their lifetime experience.

Adrea Monnin stated she was a “State Highway Patrol.” The group of girls were taught self defense, viewed a state helicopter and drug dogs with tricks. They were in Bombecks City and were the “troopers.” She stated that her sisters previously went and she followed in their footsteps. She said it was a wonderful week.

Jessica Colby was part of Jones City, the smallest city with 29 girls. She ran for the county coroner and forcity council and was voted the city council position. She expressed how much fun it was and made a lot of friends, even discussing a reunion for next summer.

Sarah Pinchot ran for the county engineer and got the position. She stated they went through the actual ballot process and solicitation for votes. She had to make maps of the cities and build a road block to “mess with people” and also had to build a boat because of rain all week for “the woman in charge.” She expressed it was much more than she imagined.

Nora Biersik was in Taft County. She ran for the county coroner and for the city treasurer and got the position of treasurer. She also played trumpet in the band and played Taps several nights. She stated how much fun the week was and bonded with so many girls.

When they were asked about their favorite highlights, they all stated the lifelong friendships and a perfect getaway from home. It was a lifetime experience and highly recommended to all their friends. Jim Koppin asked the girls to help recruit girls from the Anna and Botkins area.