To the editor:

I have researched both candidates for Shelby County Sheriff. I have read flyers, attended events, talked to neighbors, family and friends, followed social media and have spoken to many employees of the Sheriff’s Office.

Frye has assured the citizens he will continue to work with our schools and churches, has always put our children first and will continue to keep our citizens safe. He will work with area leaders and law enforcement officials, as well as support the men and women who serve the citizens of Shelby County.

I spoke with several elderly members of the community who spoke highly of Frye. Frye has spoken to groups of citizens at Fairhaven and the Senior Center, telling them about potential scams and how not to become a victim. He has helped several of them who were scammed and set them up to combat further issues or attempts at victimizing them.

Many of my family members and friends are gun owners. Frye supports the U.S. Constitution and the 2nd Amendment. It is reassuring to know that our guns are safe and there will be no attempt to remove them, as long as we are a law-abiding citizen.

He values his family, friends and puts everyone ahead of himself. I believe strength of character and ability to help people are the reasons he would be the better choice and better leader for Sheriff, due to Frye’s 38 years of full-time law enforcement experience, to include being a veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps for eight years as a military policeman, K-9 handler and explosive instructor, worked for the Atlanta Police Dept., Shelby County Common Pleas Court as a bailiff and Probation Officer, Patrolman and Chief of Police in Jackson Center for 18 years.

Currently, Frye serves the citizens of Shelby County as Chief Deputy, he has the extensive background and knowledge to keep our County safe and run the Sheriff’s Office. His leadership, compassion, and integrity make him the best choice. He is endorsed by elected officials in Shelby County. From talking to the employee’s, Frye is a very well-respected leader and the employees will follow his example. Frye has the knowledge to get the job done. He’s been instrumental in helping young people get back on track and lead successful lives.

Please join me in voting for the most experienced candidate. Vote Jim Frye on March 17.

Steve Rose