JACKSON CENTER – Efficiency Smart has launched the Home Energy Challenge to reward Jackson Center Municipal Electric System residential customers for learning about their electric use and committing to lower it.

The challenge encourages residents to investigate items that use electricity in their home, identify ways to reduce their consumption and motivates them to become more energy efficient. The challenge is free to enter and consists of three steps:

• Completing a home energy use scorecard

• Taking a free online home energy assessment

• Committing to an action that will save energy

In addition to any savings from using less energy, residents will receive two 9-watt LEDs, two 11-watt LEDs and a LED nightlight for completing the challenge. They also will be entered to win either a Nest Thermostat E (grand prize) or a Philips Hue starter kit (two runner-up prizes).

“Spending more time at home means using more electricity, which leads to higher electric bills,” said Jamie Abrusci, program manager for Efficiency Smart. “Fortunately, your energy use is within your control. The Home Energy Challenge is a fun way to reward residents for learning how they can reduce their electric costs and an activity that the whole family can do together.”

Residents have until Sept. 30 to complete the challenge. To take part in the challenge, visit www.efficiencysmart.org/jackson-center-ohio and click on the Home Energy Challenge banner to learn more.