JACKSON CENTER – The Jackson Center Local Schools Board of Education approved hiring numerous staff members during its June 15 meeting.

Coaches approved included Aaron Klopfenstein, varsity golf coach; Steve Hoover, head cross country coach; Kris Soliday, assistant cross country coach; Jason Huber, head soccer coach (pupil activity); Lee Luckasevic, assistant varsity soccer coach (pupil activity); Kennadie Reese, junior varsity soccer coach (pupil activity); Kim Metz, varsity volleyball coach (pupil activity); Erin Winner, assistant varsity volleyball coach (pupil activity); Erin Pence, volunteer varsity volleyball assistant coach (pupil activity); Tara Spicer, junior varsity volleyball coach; Sarah Kipker, eighth grade volleyball coach; Rhonda Burch, seventh grade volleyball coach; Scott Elchert, varsity boys basketball coach; Garrett Serr, varsity boys basketball assistant coach (pupil activity); Aaron Klopfenstein, junior varsity boys basketball coach; Tony Meyer, volunteer varsity basketball assistant coach; Luke Doseck, freshman boys basketball coach (pupil activity); David Star, eighth grade boys basketball coach (pupil activity); Scott Klopfenstein, seventh grade boys basketball coach (pupil activity); Jeff Reese, varsity girls basketball coach; Bill Reichert, varsity girls basketball assistant coach; Scott Doseck, eighth grade girls basketball coach (pupil activity); Katelyn Seger, high school cheerleading coach; Jay Liles, varsity baseball coach; Jason Butcher, varsity baseball assistant coach (pupil activity); and Jan Davidson, varsity softball coach.

The board approved Wilson Memorial Hospital to provide an athletic trainer, Scott Elchert as athletics director and Kim Metz as assistant athletics director.

Supplemental staff contracts were awarded to Susie Harris, Academia adviser; Randy Johnson, band; Corrine Metzger, Yearbook; Katelyn Seger, junior class adviser and prom coordinator; Susie Harris, senior class adviser; Nancy Meyer, ½ sixth grade trip; Sarah Kipker, ½ sixth grade trip; Taryn Kinney, drama club (pupil activity); Elizabeth Baker, assistant drama club (pupil activity); Susie Harris, National Honor Society; Beth Dickson, Local Professional Development Committees; Randy Johnson, high school student council; Cari Beth Noah, vocal program and show choir; and Vicki Kipker, Family, Career and Community Leaders of America.

Also approved were Susan Elmore, reading program coordinator; Linda Wahrer, reading program coordinator; Corinne Metzger and Amanda Barhorst, gifted after school; Debbi Tussing, concessions; Beth Dickson, special education coordinator; Debbi Tussing, webmaster; Kevin Britt, Math Counts; Kim Metz, Education Management Information System coordinator; and Marilyn Kohler, assistant EMIS coordinator.

In other action, the Board of Education voted to keep lunch prices the same for the 2020-21 school year. Rates are $2.35 (kindergarten-third grade), $2.60 (fourth-12th grades), $2.75 (a la carte) and $3 (adults).

The board approved a transfer up to $45,000 from the general fund into the cafeteria fund.

The board approved adjustments to fiscal year 2020, as determined necessary by the treasurer, prior to the end of the 2020 fiscal year.

It also approved a temporary budget for financial year 2021 of 25 percent of the financial year 2020 budget until financial year 2021 appropriations are approved.

More study is being conducted on the fee schedule for the 2020-21 school year.

Discussions are continuing on the potential effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on financial year 2021 state support for schools.

A kickoff meeting was held the morning of June 15 on the year long process to implement new payroll and accounting systems. The target for full implementation is June 2021.

The board approved retirement severance payments, as is normal practice, using the 2017-18 daily per diem rate for Michelle Ricker and the 2019-20 per diem rate for Sandra Corbet.

Fourth through 12th grade Principle Jeff Reese said several of the athletics programs had begun workouts or practices in accordance with established guidelines and with written parental consent. Other non-athletics groups or clubs also are making plans to move forward with a similar approach.

Superintendent Bill Reichert said most schools in this areas were collaborating and working toward trying to resume school in the fall on-site and minimizing blended learning unless necessary.

Per requirement, time was provided for a public hearing for the use of special education IDEA part B funds. There were no public comments on this topic.

The board entered executive session to discus the employment of public employees. No action was taken.

The board voted to move the regularly scheduled July meeting up from July 20 to July 14. The meeting will be at 7 p.m. June 14.