SIDNEY — The Shelby County Animal Rescue Foundation (SCARF) has announced nominations are open for the 2021 Pet Calendar. In a new twist, nominations are open for both dogs and cats for the coming year.

“We know there are many people who love their cats as well as dogs. Since our organization is dedicated to both species, why not include cats? Perhaps the Top Pet in Shelby County is a cat. Let’s find out,” said SCARF Board member Julie Ehemann.

With a donation of $5 to SCARF, people can nominate their dog or cat to be the Top Pet of Shelby County. Nominations will be accepted throughout the month of July with voting to occur in August.

Votes are $1 each. The Top 12 pets who earn the most votes will be featured in SCARF’s 2021 Calendar. The pet that receives the most votes will be crowned the 2021 Top Pet and be featured on the cover of the calendar, on SCARF’s website and SCARF’s brochure for an entire calendar year.

People wanting to nominate their pet for the calendar should do so online at

Find the Top Pet Calendar under the Fundraisers link and Nominate a pet today!