To the editor:

I’m concerned about our leadership in our community. We have a bunch of issues facing our community that includes the homeless situation we face. I recently attended a city council meeting and brought forth questions and concerns facing our city from a blog I run and all my concerns I feel was a wasteof time and fell on deaf ears.

The concerns I feel we face: there is nothing for teens or kids to be kids. I feel if we can get the city on board and churches with leaders and youth pastors and so on in our community, together we can make positive change in helping mentor kids having problems or no real family structure.

I also brought up the homeless situation. The mayor runs the taskforce. What has been done since 2015?

How can we bring in million dollars hotel and bars and fancy restaurants and turn a blind eye on the homeless…I know drugs and homelessness go hand in hand but we can come up with a plan if we all can come together. There’s more at stake the taking photos and cutting ribbons when you’re a mayor.

In the current drug pandemic we face a quick response time can be a life-or-death situation and if there is a for response time is vital to firefighters and their safety.

I’m trying to bring awareness to area we can change to better our community.

I urge our city council to remember who they work for and who elected them.

With the D.O.R.A. and our city trying to make our downtown a mini Oregon district I think our city is more worried about having a nice place to party instead of a nice place to live and caters to a certain class of people. Our leaders is making it the way they want while forgetting about the people that are struggling in life.

This is not their city it is our city and sometimes people need to be reminded and I hope they are paying attention.

Nick Inman