125 Years

July 16, 1895

The report of Clerk of Courts Coorley for the past year, made to common pleas court, shows 19 suits for divorce were filed in this county, with 18 of these filed by women. The court rendered 97 civil judgements. Seven indictments were returned for crimes against persons, 14 for crimes against property, and 15 for other causes. Seven persons were sent to the penitentiary.


J.C. Cummins has been recommended by the Democratic Executive committee for reappointment as a deputy supervisor of elections. The appointment is made by the secretary of state.


L.M. Studevant and wife; R.V. Jones and wife; Dr. C.E. Tenney and wife; W.O. Amann and wife, B.M. Donaldson and wife; J.L. Dickensheets and wife compose a party that leaves tomorrow to camp a few weeks on the farm of Samuel Wagoner, just below Camp Center Point along Mosquito Creek.

100 Years

July 16, 1920

A town organization was perfected Saturday morning as a part of the Junior Chautauqua program. Ray Friedman was elected mayor, Elizabeth Salm, clerk; William Willcutts, chief of police; Jane Cook, Dorothy Ann McVay, Stancy Brandenburg and John Salm, patrolmen; Robert Mentges, athletic director. There are 175 young people enrolled in the junior program.


Rev. H.G. Dietz, of the United Presbyterian Church submitted his resignation to the congregation Sunday. It was accepted. Rev. Dietz leaves to accept a call which has come to him from Olathe, Colo. His resignation is to take effect the last Sunday in July. Rev. Dietz has served the local church for the past year and a half.


E.R. Ferrell lowered the record at the country club golf course Sunday afternoon, when he shot a 33 for nine holes. For his 18-hole round he had a score of 70.

75 Years

July 16, 1945

Shelby County has gone over the top in all war bond quotas in the Seventh War Loan campaign, according to final figures received today from the Fourth Federal Reserve Bank at Cleveland. The series E war bond quota of $534,000 was exceeded by $50,000, with purchases made by 9,337 individuals. All other quotas were substantially oversubscribed, with total sales of all types of bonds in Shelby County during the campaign amounting to $3,253,669.


Shelby county resurfacing crews are in the process of improving a total of 61 miles of roads in the 14 townships, County Engineer Rex Price said today. He added that seven of the proposed 36 projects have already been completed and the remainder will be done as materials and labor become available.


President Truman will follow up his first “big three” meeting at Potsdam with a triumphal tour of some of Europe’s liberated nations, it was learned today.

50 Years

July 16, 1970

Airstream Inc. and Wally Byam, familiar names in Shelby County, especially in the Jackson Center area, get nationwide attention in a lengthy feature story in the July 6 issue of Sports Illustrated.

Titled “A Home on the Range,” the story is mostly about the Wally Byam Caravans which annually attract numerous Airstream travel trailer owners. Byam, the former Airstream owner who died in 1962, was one of many pioneer trailer builders but the indisputable originator of the trailer caravan.

Airstream today is the largest of some 50 companies that manufacture travel trailers, according to the story.


A deluge of rain Friday morning flooded many city streets temporarily as overburdened city storm sewers were unable to carry off the flow fast enough. Two or three autos were partially dunked in the city parking lot behind the Bonded Oil Station before water could get away through a catch basin. A total of two and a quarter inches of rain was recorded at the Sidney Daily News weather station by 1 p.m., Friday.


FREYBURG – Marjean and Mary Elizabeth Headapohl, Freyburg, attended the first game of the Cincinnati Reds at the new Riverfront Stadium. Not only that – they also witnessed the final Reds game at Crosley Field.

25 Years

July 16, 1995

FORT LORAMIE – Cathy Fletcher has dreamed of owning an ice cream shop for years. Her dream finally became reality on July 1 with the opening of Cone Corner Inc. at 4401 Fort Loramie-Swanders Road.

Fletcher owns the business along with her husband, Gary, and Brent and Mona Fridley, all of Sidney.


Area law enforcement agencies were kept busy during Country Concert ’95 weekend, authorities said.

Shelby County Sheriff’s deputies made eight arrests between Friday afternoon and Sunday night on charges ranging from assault, disorderly conduct and possession of marijuana, the sheriff’s office reported. In addition, deputies escorted 40 people from the concert site during the weekend with no arrests made.


Sidney City Council Monday night talked about a year-round curfew for minors under age 16 that would prohibit them being on city streets or other public places from midnight to 5 a.m. The ordinance was introduced on Monday and is now set for adoption at council’s next meeting on July24.

This was the sixth meeting featuring discussion on the curfew. Mayor Thomas Miller joked, “We’ve talked about it, shot it, kicked it in a hole, shot it again…,” a reference to the many revisions that have been made.

Vice Mayor Merrill Asher felt that midnight to 5 a.m. was too liberal. He favored the approach that is used with the current ordinance, imposed only in October and November, that stipulates one set of hours for weekdays when school is in session and another for weekends.

Chuck Hunter, Sixth Avenue, urged council to pass some type of curfew. “Twelve to 5 is a start. These kids who are 15 will by 19 by the time you get around to passing something,” he said. Council apparently agreed with the sentiment and Asher’s suggestion of two time frames was not followed.


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