ST. MARYS — The Auglaize County Historical Society has received funding from OH CARES Immediate Emergency Grants program, administered by the Ohio Humanities Council. The Historical Society received its full request of $6,891. The support from the grant will be used for operating expenses and programming. Said programming includes upcoming speakers as well as several virtual tours.

“We’re very grateful for this tangible expression of support from the Ohio Humanities Council and look forward to the opportunities it presents for us to fulfill our mission, collecting, preserving, interpreting, and sharing ‘the history of Auglaize County, enriching lives by connecting people and communities to the past and to each other,” Historical Society Administrator Rachel Barber said.

Planned virtual tours include the communities of Wapakoneta and St. Marys and the ACHS museums in those cities. The Historical Society will employ the Clio website/app in developing these tours. Local resident Michael Zwez, a recent graduate of Capital University, is assisting the Historical Society in capturing the images and processing the information needed for the tours.

Clio is described as “an educational website and mobile application that guides the public to thousands of historical and cultural sites throughout the United States. Built by scholars for public benefit, each entry includes a concise summary and useful information about a historical site, museum, monument, landmark, or other site of cultural or historical significance. In addition, ‘time capsule’ entries allow users to learn about historical events that occurred around them. Each entry offers turn-by-turn directions as well as links to relevant books, articles, videos, primary sources, and credible websites.”

“The Clio program provides a great method for small organizations like ours to present a professional virtual tour available for viewing worldwide. How amazing to be able to share Auglaize County’s story with an audience whose size we could never before imagine,” Barber said.

For more information about this project or the Auglaize County Historical Society, contact [email protected] or 419-738-9328.