Drawings Junior

First Place — Brooklyn Cruse

Drawings Senior

Second Place — Mariah Booher

Honorable Mention — Jenna Monnin

Paintings Junior

Outstanding of the Day — Audrey Flaute

Honorable Mention — Katelyn Poeppelman

Paintings Senior

Best of Class — Samantha Martin

Outstanding of the Day — Samantha Martin

Second Place — Kennedy Jackson

Needle Work Junior

Honorable Mention — Amy Briggs

Ceramics Underglazed & Glazed Senior

Second Place — Evan Luthman

Ceramics Stained & Dry Brush Senior

First Place — Katelyn DeLoye

Knitting and Crocheting Junior

Outstanding of the Day — Marie Ballas

Knitting and Crocheting Senior

Best of Class — Jenna Barlage

Best of Show — Jenna Barlage

Other Junior

Honorable Mention — Derek Meyer

Scrapbooking Junior, First Year

Honorable Mention — Riley Barhorst

Second Place — Katie Schmerge

Scrapbooking Senior, Second Year

Outstanding of the Day — Ashley Gehret

Scrapbooking Junior, Second Year or more

First Place — Eliza Fullenkamp

Scrapbooking Senior, Second Year or more

Best of Class — Kennedy Jackson

Second Place — Chloe Weigandt

Cake Decorating Junior, Beginner

Honorable Mention — Victoria Sherman

Second Place — Kale Wiley

Cake Decorating Senior, Intermediate

Best of Class — Madelaine Martin

Outstanding of the Day — Brianna Holtzapple

My Favorite Things Junior

Best of Class — Michael Klein

Outstanding of the Day — Michael Klein