Airstream Customer Council established for second year

JACKSON CENTER – Airstream, Inc., maker of the iconic “silver bullet” fleet of Airstream travel trailers and best-in-class touring coaches, has selected a diverse group of 15 Airstreamers, including several new owners, to serve on the company’s second Airstream Customer Council.

The ACC was created in 2019 as part of Airstream’s ongoing efforts to elicit owner feedback and give Airstreamers a voice in the product’s future. The company adopted 21 product and customer experience improvements recommended by the first ACC.

The current schedule calls for members of the ACC to meet with Airstream executives four times during 2021. Council members also will have ongoing access to the Airstream leadership team to provide feedback and guidance to improve the Airstream experience.

“Airstream owners are deeply knowledgeable and passionate about the product,” Airstream President and CEO Bob Wheeler said. “So it was no surprise that the first ACC offered many invaluable insights and suggestions for improvement in the overall owner experience. We look forward to working with the new ACC members to build on that successful outcome.”

The new ACC consists of 15 Airstream owners – up from 12 on the first council – selected from almost 800 applicants. The new panel consists of a diverse group of owners aged 36 to 73 who bring a range of experience to the process.

More than half of the new ACC panelists are new owners who have been Airstreaming for one year or less. Many recent Airstream buyers were motivated by a desire to travel and experience the outdoors in a socially-distanced manner during the pandemic. Others are part of a growing group of Americans who have taken their lives mobile, choosing to live and work full-time from the road.

Three members of the 15-member ACC own Airstream Touring Coaches while 12 have Travel Trailers. The group includes a retired teacher living full-time in her Airstream, a first-time camper just discovering America’s natural wonders, a young couple with two kids traveling full-time while homeschooling and working from the road, and a senior technology industry executive who uses his Airstream to relax and regroup.

“We’ve received 1,600 applications from Airstream owners to the ACC in just our first two years,” said Justin Humphreys, vice president, sales. “That’s yet another testament to the deep bonds that exist between Airstream and its community. The hitch-level insight provided by the first ACC is difference-making. We can’t wait to start learning from this council – especially from the new owners on the panel, who see our products and lifestyle with fresh eyes.”