Eisenhardt Homes anticipates busy year

ANNA – Cory Eisenhardt has enjoyed growing his business, although the extra time needed to manage the operation has limited the time he gets to spend doing what he loves most – framing houses.

Eisenhardt, the owner of Eisenhardt Homes, has seen his business take off in the past year. He’s in the process of building four houses and has four more homes and two additions awaiting start dates.

“It puts your mind at ease, I guess, lets me know that I’ve got work for my guys so they can feed their families,” Eisenhardt said of having several projects in the pipeline. “And lets me know that I’m doing things correctly that people are choosing me over somebody else.”

Eisenhardt has two employees who help him build houses, but the increased demand for their services has required him to hire subcontractors to keep projects moving and on schedule. Some of the work he’s had to hire out to subcontractors includes framing, depriving him of his favorite construction activity.

“I love the framing aspect of it, but I can’t keep up with it all,” he said. “And to be able to compete I have to move faster.”

Eisenhardt loves framing because it allows him to be outside and it’s easy to see the progress he’s made, giving him a sense of accomplishment.

He’s accomplished a lot recently, which includes selling a spec house for the first time in February 2020. Eisenhardt decided to build the spec house, which is located at 113 Timber Trail in Anna, to showcase his talents as a home builder and show he can compete with other contractors.

A desire to show off his abilities is what led the 2006 Anna High School graduate to form his own company in the first place.

“I wanted to put my own spin on things, I guess,” he said of starting Eisenhardt Homes in 2012. “I wanted to show people what I could do.”

Eisenhardt’s first foray into the construction field came when he was 15 years old and he helped his dad build an addition onto their house. The enjoyment he got from that experience led to him studying construction at Upper Valley Career Center and then working in the construction field.

When he started his own company, Eisenhardt focused on small projects and house remodels. A few years ago he started building homes, and now that’s his focus.

“I build every house as if I was living in it, as if my family was going to be in it,” said Eisenhardt, who lives in Anna with his wife, Emily, and their two sons, Emmit and Cayson.

“I just think it’s the right way to be, I guess. It’s just the way I was raised and the way to be. I’m not trying to put lipstick on a pig.”

Open concept homes and large living areas are some of the trends Eisenhardt has seen in the houses he’s built.

“Of course everybody likes the rustic, modern farmhouse look,” he said. “That’s been a big thing right now, the shiplap.”

With several projects waiting to begin and more in the design process, Eisenhardt expects 2021 to be a busy year for his company. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused some issues in getting materials, but he’s been able to adjust and overcome those problems.

“We had an issue with materials,” Eisenhardt said. “It didn’t necessarily slow me down. I just had to be mindful of ordering materials all the time. And it was constantly changing. I had to adapt in ordering materials every time a house came up.”

Handling all the planning and office work by himself, Eisenhardt estimated he’s recently spent about 75% of his time in the office. But he cherishes the moments he still can get out to a job site and be hands on with a project.

“I still like to get out there and get my hands dirty as much as I can,” he said.

For more information about Eisenhardt Homes, visit its website at www.eisenhardthomes.com, visit its Eisenhardt Homes Facebook page, call 937-658-2997 or email cory@eisenhardthomes.com.

An inside view of a house under construction by Eisenhardt Homes on Stoker Road.
https://www.sidneydailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/47/2021/03/web1_DSC_2936.jpgAn inside view of a house under construction by Eisenhardt Homes on Stoker Road. Luke Gronneberg | Sidney Daily News

Aaron Brunswick, left, of Osgood, and Glenn Edminson, of Piqua, work on a new house being constructed by Eisenhardt Homes on Stoker Road on Friday, Feb. 26.
https://www.sidneydailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/47/2021/03/web1_SDN022721NewHouse.jpgAaron Brunswick, left, of Osgood, and Glenn Edminson, of Piqua, work on a new house being constructed by Eisenhardt Homes on Stoker Road on Friday, Feb. 26. Luke Gronneberg | Sidney Daily News

By Kyle Shaner


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