125 years

December 1, 1896

With the prevalence of diphtheria in some of our surrounding towns necessitating the closing of schools and with a number of cases in our own city, it stands our Health officers are doing all they can and their efforts should meet with the cooperation of those people in whose families the disease is now prevalent.


Col. Anthony was seen yesterday in regard to the Third Regiment, O.N.G., going to the inauguration of President-elect McKinley. He said no arrangements had yet been made, but that he had applied for a railroad rate and if it is satisfactory they might consider the matter of attending as a regiment.

100 years

December 1, 1921

The “Up in the Clouds” company which appears at the Majestic theatre this evening arrived in the city today. Two cars for the scenery and a special for the members of the company were necessary.


A 75-room hotel is in the course of construction at Orchard Island near the dance hall. The building will complete the circle arrangement of structures put up in the past few years. Mr. and Mrs. A.R. Tarr are constructing the hotel along English lines. A convention hall will be included.

75 years

December 1, 1946

A total of 60 farmer-veterans have already enrolled in the newly organized county agricultural training program under the G.I. Bill, Dr. C.E. McCorkle, chairman of the committee announced today. Noting that classes are scheduled to get underway this week, McCorkle said he hoped that the enrollment might reach 100.


The coal situation in Sidney is serious with only about 10 days’ supply on hand for use in homes, a survey naming dealers yesterday indicated. The six Sidney dealers met to examine the local situation.


Reserve officers in Shelby County have begun formation of a local chapter of the Reserve Officers Association. A meeting looking to this end was held last evening in the council rooms with Charles Wheeler, local organizer, presiding at the session which was attended by 21 local reserve officers.

50 years

December 1, 1971

Paul Hutchins, farm service representative for the Dayton Power & Light Co., showed a film entitled, “Farm Better Electrically” at the Wednesday meeting of the Sidney Noon Kiwanis Club held at Burk’s Banquet House. He pointed out that agriculture has the biggest number of workers, the greatest amount of equipment, the biggest total assets and the largest sales, $43 billion, of any industry in the country.

25 years

December 1, 1996

MINNEAPOLIS (AP) – Tiny Tim, the ukulele-plunking crooner who bemused and amused millions by trilling the whimsical love ditty “Tiptoe Thru’ the Tulips,” died Saturday after falling ill as he performed his signature song.


Sketch: This little guy is all lit up for the holiday season. The picture was drawn by Amber Korn, a sophomore at Houston High School. There are now 24 days left before Christmas.


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