SIDNEY — The Sidney City Council passed legislation Monday to amend the newly adopted zoning code, make supplemental appropriations and grant a license to allow a property to encroach onto an alley right of way.

The first piece of legislation adopted by City Council Monday was for one of two ordinances passed, which was to make supplemental appropriations for 2022.

The second was to adopt an ordinance to repeal and amend certain wording in the newly adopted zoning code.

Community Development Director Barbara Dulworth presented the ordinance to amend part of the zoning code, adopted on Jan. 24, regarding design standards for residences in the R-1, residential single family zone. Dulworth noted after the ordinance was enacted, it was subsequently discovered two sub-sections were worded improperly and it is council’s desire to correct those minor errors.

The ordinance, if adopted, Dulworth said, will have the effect of deleting and replacing specific words in certain sections of the zoning code to include the following revisions of sections 1111.03(2) table 6:

• Section 7: Rear elevations shall contain at least two windows of 8-square-feet “each.”

The following wording is to be removed from the end of that sentence in Section 7: “on each story of the residential dwelling structure.

• Section 9: Side elevations facing a street, such as those on a building situated on a corner lot, shall contain at least “onewindow of 8-square-feet “total.”

One” window will replace the “threewindows, previously listed in this section. Also the word “total at the end of the above sentence in Section 9 will replace the word “each.”

In other business, Jon Crusey, public works director, presented a resolution to City Council, which they later adopted, to grant a revocable license for RE True Property LLC, located at 220 E. South St. to permit a 4-foot by 14-foot portion of the existing residential structure to encroach onto the alley right of way. The purpose of the request was to allow the owner to sell the property, because, Crusey said most banks will not finance the property due to a portion of the residence encroaching onto the right of way.

The portion of the house encroaching onto the right of way, he noted, appears to be an addition that was constructed several decades ago. Crusey also displayed a photo of the property for council members to view the subject area of property encroaching onto the right of way, along with a photo of the house.

Council member Steven Klinger was absent Monday and his absence was excused by City Council.

In final business, council went into an executive session to consider the employment of a public employee. No action was taken after the members emerged from the session.  

By Sheryl Roadcap

[email protected]