Angie King – A proven leader


To the editor:

My entire life, I have seen my mom fight for me and my sister. She fought for the best care, education, and opportunities for us. She wanted us to be raised as “normal” as possible, despite both of us being born deaf. She spent countless of hours researching, talking with insurance companies, and reaching out to lawmakers. She wanted to make access to cochlear implants easier for all families, regardless of demographics. When my daughter was diagnosed with cancer, my mom was right there with me. She took the initiative and start researching to help me find her the best care. She always encouraged me to push onwards and not be afraid to ask the tough questions.

She took the skill set she cultivated and applied it to the political arena. While on City Council, I vividly remember her taking calls in the evenings from constituents who had concerns about policies or things going on within the city. This same listening ear carried over to her current role as Mercer County Recorder. There are times I have seen hard issues brought before her. Each time, she chose to do what is right, regardless of what it could cost her. This includes standing up for the unborn and calling out policies AND individuals that go against the Constitution. She is: Pro-Life, Pro-Freedom, Pro-2nd Amendment, and Pro-Medical Freedom. Growing up as a granddaughter of a veteran and a daughter of a farmer, she has immense respect for those who fight for our country and those who feed our country. It is because of her determination, bravery, and moral compass that I am proud to call her my mom. Because of these traits, I know she will represent our area and its values well. I hope you will join me in voting for Angela (Angie) King for Ohio State Representative on August 2. If you cannot vote on August 2, early voting is now open!

Erica Schmackers


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