125 Years

July 21, 1897

The northern part of the county was visited by a terrific rain storm last night about 11 o’clock. For several hours, the rain came down in torrents. At Botkins, Anna, Maplewood and Jackson Center the like of the rain was never known before in the history of the towns. Considerable damage was done at each of the communities by the water which flooded basements and washed away roads in many places.


The employees of the John Wagner’s Sons Brewing Co. and their families spent yesterday picniking in Kohler’s Grove east of Sidney.

100 Years

July 21, 1922

A review of present business and industrial conditions and an outlook for the immediate future were given members of the Sidney Kiwanis Club at their weekly luncheon meeting today, when they had W.E. Whipp, of the Monarch Machine Tool Company, as their speaker. Whipp noted that the local firm now has “five or six times as much business as we had in 1914.”


At a called meeting of the Republicans of Sidney and Shelby County held last evening, in the assembly room of the courthouse, a Thompson for Governor Club was organized. Mark Miller was named chairman; Wallace McClure, secretary, and Edd McVay, organizer.

75 Years

July 21, 1947

Capt. Clyde P. Millhoff announced today that Company K, 3rd battalion, 4th infantry, of the Ohio State Guard was being deactivated after serving the state for over six years. The company was organized in 1941, replacing Company I, Ohio National Guard, when that unit was ordered into federal service prior of entry of the United States into World War II. In addition to Capt. Millhoff, the other officers are 1st Lt. Arthur Tremain and 2nd Lt. Merton Maxwell.


Midshipman Hugh W. Albers, son of Herman F. Albers, 426 South Miami Avenue, of the U.S. Naval Academy, is participating in a summer training cruise to Europe aboard the aircraft carrier USS Kearsarge.

50 Years

July 21, 1972

WAPAKONETA – The Neil Armstrong Aerospace Museum, just east of Interstate 75 at Fischer Road, will open at 1 p.m. Thursday, exactly three years after the astronaut made his landing on the moon.

Mrs. Stephen K. Armstrong of Wapakoneta, mother of Neil, the astronaut, in a telephone conversation with The Sidney Daily News today confirmed the fact that her son will be present for the opening day ceremony.

25 Years

July 21, 1997

The Sidney American Legion will be leaving Sidney. The building at 124 North Ohio Avenue has multiple floors and that has caused issues for some of the Legion members. As a result, the Legion will be building a facility at 1319 Fourth Avenue, behind the city water tank. Bids for the construction of the facility will be opened next Monday, reported Jim Muhlenkamp, chairman of the building committee.


Eldora Speedway was alive with excitement Saturday as this year’s Kings Royal was held. Steve Kinser won again to claim the $50,000 first price. He had won four previous races. Kinser led all 40 laps. Just Friday night Kinser hit the wall, destroying his car. He was unhurt.


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