Staying safe in the garden


Greetings from The People’s Garden, your local Community Garden located behind the Agape distribution building in Sidney, Ohio. We are having a great summer and have started harvesting crops to give away in the Agape pantry right here in Sidney!

Garden bed renters have also been busy collecting for family and friends. We believe in ”Planting seeds of change in harvesting hope through community gardening and education”. This season we have been to the local farmers market to increase awareness, provided assistance to other local community gardens by presenting and talking to adults and children,, and provided seeds for growing home gardens. At The People’s Garden we offer teaching classes and unique vegetables which are highly nutritious. Some range from but are not limited to okra, turnips, tomatillos, potatoes, and butternut squash.

During late summer and early fall it can be a time of great harvest in the garden. While getting your vegetables or flowers from the garden physical limitations may try to stop you. Below are some options and points to consider in order to prevent injury and still enjoy your garden at any stage in life.


• Try working during the first part of the day when more rested

• Work for shorter periods of time and take breaks between harder tasks

• Make a to do list completing only certain tasks each day

Limited Mobility

• Try long handled garden tools

• Work from a taller garden bed with a chair to rest when needed

• Keep storage of garden tools close to garden bed

• Place garden pots on table or other flat surfaces

Arm or hand weakness

• Add padded wrap to garden tool handles

• Avoid prolonged gripping of tools

• Work for shorter periods

• Monitor posture and readjust when necessary

At The People’s Garden we welcome anyone who is interested in growing their own food, volunteering for the community, or intrigued by community gardening. We are always thankful for volunteers, donations, and feedback. Please stop by anytime. We are located at 209 S. Brooklyn Ave. right behind the Agaoe Distribution building. We look forward to seeing you! There are no hours at the garden; just contact Conelia at 937-726-9525 for more information.

By Michelle Stephenson

Contributing columnist

The writer is a volunteer at the People’s Garden.

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