To the Editor:

When I was a kid ,If I lied ?

I would be disciplined by my parents.

It is important to tell the truth and what you say matters , my parents have taught me.

As an adult, I don’t understand?

If you go to a job interview, do you lie and don’t talk about what skills you have or what you can do?

But only talk about how the other candidate will do a bad job.

I don’t think I would get the job and I can not blame them.

But some candidates just want to just do this.

Time is valuable, don’t lie to votes.

We work too hard to vote for someone who is lying to us just to benefit big money special interest groups.

We need a candidate that is looking out for the hard working people of Ohio and their families.

That is why I fact check on politico.

That’s why I think a lot of Tim Ryan for the United States Senate.

Tim Wiseman Sr.

Washington Court House