A letter from the mayor

Editor’s note: In 1974, Sidney Mayor Raphael A. Echemann wrote a letter to his fellow citizens. The letter was published in the city of Sidney’s calendar. He passed away Nov. 6, 2022.

My Fellow Citizens:

I ask you to look at your town and appreciate its people, its schools, its active churches, its places of employment, its recreational facilities, its government – It is an “alive” City, and one of which we can all be proud.

All of this isn’t accidental – it is the result of careful planning over many years by capable and interested citizens – people like you and I who pay taxes, maintain our properties, and vote for responsible citizens who are responsive to the needs of our community.

The result is “SIDNEY”. Look at it with pride. Take care of it; it is yours. Pass it on to the next generation in better shape than you receive it.

It is the concern of your City Council that we, as your elected representatives, pursue programs and adopt policies that best reflect the interests of the entire community. The back of this year’s calendar contains a questionnaire concerning services currently provided the residents of the City of Sidney. We welcome your comments and suggestions concerning these programs and invite you to take part in the community development process by completing the attached survey. Your assistance will help us greatly.


Raphael A. Echemann

Mayor (1974-1975)