Out of the past

125 Years

November 25, 1897

At the meeting of council last evening, the resolution permitting physicians to ride their bicycle on the sidewalks while making professional calls was referred to the city solicitor and the law committee. A motion granting the privilege was passed at the last council session but there now appears to be some question as to its legality.


A Projectiscope and Sciopticon Entertainment was given in the Knights of the Golden Eagle Hall last evening under the auspices of Miami Castle. First part of the program consisted of a number of general views with the projectiscope. These were followed by a number of local views, such as business houses, street scenes, churches and residences taken around Sidney with the aid of the sciopticon.

100 Years

November 25, 1922

When the Zanglein Brothers store at Botkins was opened for business this morning, it was discovered that the entire store had been ransacked during the night and clothing and goods to an estimated $1,000 in value carried away. Entrance was gained through the side door of the store, where holes were bored to unlatch the lock. Officials believe the stolen goods were hauled away in a truck.


Officers of the Sidney Kiwanis Club, playing host this evening to members of the Northwestern Ohio District are: M. B. McKee, president; Dr. A. W. Hobby, first vice president; L. C. Wagner, second vice president; P. B. Kemper, treasurer; Wallace W. Masteller, secretary; directors, Harry Faulkner, F. D. Christian, Joseph Club, Emerson Deam, L. M. Studevant, H. A. Hartman, Howard Vertner and H. E. Bennett. The club has a membership of 72.

75 Years

November 25, 1947

Mark Goettemoeller, R. R. 1, Fort Loramie and Franklin Judy, R.R. 1, Jackson Center, were awarded trophies as farmer-owned and farmer-tenant respectively in the eighth annual Shelby County outstanding farmer contest sponsored by the Sidney Kiwanis Club, announced at the annual Farmers Night Banquet last evening at the Masonic Temple. Richard Holthaus, Fort Loramie, was also presented a trophy as winner in the baby chick contest sponsored by the Club last summer.


The state securities commission today authorized the Sidney Industrial Manufacturing Co. to sell $75,000 of new common stock, increasing the firm’s capitalization to $100,000. The increase in capital is a part of the company’s program to go into production on an all-metal home to be placed on the market early in 1948.

50 Years

November 25, 1972

Geese flying south this time of year is no big surprise. The unpleasant surprise is that most of the corn remains in the fields in Shelby County and throughout the Midwest. Shelby County recorded record-breaking amounts of rain in September and October and over five inches has fallen so far in November.


“Miss Chips” a ten-month old Airdale belonging to Paul Wehrle, RR. 3, won top honors in the graduating class of the Piqua Dog Obedience Training School. Winning 149 ½ points out of a possible 155 in her ring, the Airdale went on to compete in examinations for highest scoring dog.

25 Years

November 25, 1997

The final tally for the United Way campaign were announced by Charlotte Rehmert. The United Way director. The amount raised was $945,596. The figure was 103% of the goal. Board president Jim Thieman praised the work of campaign chair Ray Koenig.


The Sidney City Council has completed the task of adopting a comprehensive plan. It was the first time in 15 years the plan was updated. City Manager Mike Morton praised council for spending the funds with a consultant to complete it. Members of the steering committee included Don Boerger, Tom Middleton, Tom Boecker, Tom Westerheide, Dorothy Franklin, Lew Blackford, Frank Mariano, Nathan Kuck and Phil Chilcote. Mayor Tom Miller presented plaques to them.


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