District Science Fair qualifiers from Lehman

SIDNEY — Lehman Catholic High School held its annual Science Fair on Thursday, Feb. 9, in the Lachey Family Gymnasium.

45 Lehman Catholic Freshmen submitted projects to be exhibited and judged. 29 students received excellent ratings and 10 students received superior ratings, qualifying them to participate in the district competition. Students must earn at least 36 out of a possible 40 points to receive a superior rating.

The Lehman Catholic students listed below received a superior rating.

• William Axe – Which materials grow the most mushrooms?

• Zipporah Bezy – The Marshmallow Test

• Huan Chen – Is typing or writing more effective for memorization?

• O’Keefe Cooper – Do different noises affect speech recognition?

• Calvin Linson – The Strength of Spider Silk

• Noelle Reineke – Are “green” detergents less toxic than conventional brands?

•nCarter Rigel – Cellphones and Bacteria

• Ian Stiver – The effects of carcinogens on rapidly reproducing radish cells.

• Samantha Williams – How do essential oils and Febreeze affect the growth of bacteria?

• Zoe Zimmerman – Does background noise affect how well a person concentrates?

The following students received the Governor’s Thomas Edison Award for Excellence: Calvin Linson, Advanced Materials; O’Keefe Cooper, Biomedical Technologies; and Evan O’Leary, Information Science & Technology Research.

All students who participated in the Science Fair received a certificate from the Ohio Academy of Science.

Lehman is grateful to the judges for giving their time and expertise to judge the projects. This year’s judges included: Ruthie Baker, Gary Bonifas, Judy Briggs, Joe Bundy, Kathy Cavinder, Michael Cerrone, Adam D’Amico, Nancy Deafenbaugh, Tom Frantz, Veronica Gaier, Melissa Galbreath, Cam Haller, Teresa Haller, William Hayes, Jim Hemm, Doug Hemsworth, Libby Jacob, Dr. Chris Johnson, Nikhil Lakhar, Tom Largent, Michael Largent, Ken Monnier, Kris Pax, Tom Rossman, David Rossman, Dr. Bill Schemmel, Sister Ginny Scherer, Dr. Greg Schmiesing, Tony Schroeder, Robyn Sprock, Doug Smith, Gwen Stiver, Dr. Jeff VanTreese, Mike Velez, Nick Wolters and Timothy Woodward.

The District Science Fair will be held at Edison State Community College on March 11, 2023.