Maggert shares stories from The Orphan Trains

SIDNEY — The Shelby County Genealogical Society’s next meeting is set for March 14 with presenter Rex Maggert.

Maggert is presenting for the meeting and will be talking about The Orphan Trains and what the movement was about. Maggert will share stories and information from 1860 to 1929, when the last Orphan Train dropped off children to be picked out of a line.

Orphan Trains started as a program to solve to issue of hungry, orphaned children on the east coast by sending them to midwest farms to be laborers and to learn a trade. Maggert has even more information to share with SCGS meeting attendees.

The meeting is on Tuesday, March 14, at 7 p.m. at the Ross Historical Center, 201 N. Main Ave., Sidney.