A view from inside of Dani’s Boba Tea and Coffee on Thursday, March 23. The tea shop is adjacent to Davis Meats.

Luke Gronneberg | Sidney Daily News

By Kimberly Pistone
[email protected]

SIDNEY – Dani’s Boba Tea & Coffee reopened in a new location with a cozier feel for its customers. While there is no longer a drive-thru window, owner Lisa Wade does not think that will negatively impact her business, and has already had many new customers from the local area.

Wade serves more than the customer favorite of boba tea. The second most popular item in the shop is her custom rolled ice cream. Also available are energy drinks, flavored lemonade, iced coffees, frappes and frozen apple ciders. In the winter, she will also be serving cheesecake slices and chocolate dipped strawberries.

She started making chocolate covered strawberries as a topping for the cheesecake, but customers began to request the strawberries separately. Wade says, “If you make something good, even if it is just a topping, it will sell. People will want it.”

Rolled ice cream also allows for a lot of customization. The newest flavor of rolled ice cream she offers is twinkie, which was based off a customer request. Wade says, “I can do so much customization with rolled ice cream that traditional ice cream shops can’t.” Twinkie rolled ice cream is now one of Wade’s favorites – both to make and to eat.

Dani’s Boba Tea & Coffee is located between Davis Meats and H&H Hair Studio. She would like to thank both businesses for being supportive of her as she moved in. This new location also gives her some new customers. One fun story from her first days in the new location is about a young boy who went to the hair studio with his grandmother and saw the sign for boba tea. He told his grandmother, “I will be good if I can get a boba tea.” While the grandmother was waiting on her hair to set, she came over, hair still in a wrap, and bought him a drink.

Dani’s Boba Tea & Coffee is located next to Davis Meats at 1245 Wapakoneta Ave. in Sidney. They are open Tuesday – Sunday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m. and are closed on Mondays.