Weaver Eggs of Versailles donated donated 54,000 eggs to The Foodbank Inc. in Dayton. The donation will provide much-needed meal solutions for local families, especially as spring celebrations including Easter and Passover approach. The Fighting Hunger By the Dozens campaign has been so successful that in the last 24 hours the total number of eggs donated nationally has increased to more than 5.5 million, or 458,300 dozen.

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Michelle Riley, CEO, The Foodbank Inc., left to right, Zach Kohli, sales and IT manager, Weaver Eggs, and Tim Weaver Jr., executive management, Weaver Eggs, talk about the egg donation from Weaver Eggs during a press conference.

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VERSAILLES – Egg farmers across America are teaming up to feed families ahead of spring celebrations as part of a nationwide initiative led by the American Egg Board called Fighting Hunger by the Dozens. Weaver Eggs of Versailles, Ohio, is one of more than 20 farms participating in the initiative, which will provide more than 5.5 million eggs to food insecure individuals and families.

Those in need of nourishing food often struggle to find access to versatile, high-quality proteins. Eggs are a good source of protein, containing numerous vitamins and minerals needed for healthy living and are vital meeting the daily nutritional needs of Americans. Weaver Eggs’ donation of 54,000 eggs will provide local residents with thousands of meals. In total, 458,300 dozen eggs will be donated by egg farmers across the country this spring – one of the largest total egg donations in history.

“Ohio’s egg farmers are passionate about being good stewards and neighbors, which includes lending a helping hand, producing safe food, caring for our animals and protecting the environment for future generations,” said Tim Weaver Jr. of Weaver Eggs. “Sharing eggs is especially important because we know that protein has great value to those who are hungry and to the hunger relief organizations who serve them.”

According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, more than 34 million Americans, including 9 million children, are food insecure. Hunger exists in every county and congressional district, and eggs are often one of the most in-demand and most nutritious foods available for families seeking help from local hunger relief networks. Egg farmers are dedicated to feeding those most in need.

“Eggs are a complete protein and provide great nutritional value,” said Weaver. “Easter and Passover mark special occasions for families to gather around the table and we are hopeful that our donation will provide a helpful meal solution for many in our community.”

For more information on Fighting Hunger by the Dozens, visit IncredibleEgg.org/FightingHunger. To learn more about Weaver Eggs and The Foodbank Inc., visit https://www.weavereggs.com/ and https://thefoodbankdayton.org/.