SIDNEY – Sweet Petunia Permanent Jewelry is a new business owned by Melissa Hirschfeld.

Permanent jewelry is simply a chain that is made to the size of the wearer, and then spot welded to fit the wrist, ankle, or neck precisely.

Permanent jewelry is a bit of a misnomer, as the jewelry can be removed when necessary, like for an MRI or a size change. It can be cut with scissors at the site of a jump ring or brought back to Sweet Petunia to be unwelded. It can then later be rewelded for a low fee.

Hirschfeld currently has a business cleaning houses, but wanted to expand her opportunities by starting Sweet Petunia Permanent Jewelry. It also appealed to her because she has a hard time finding bracelets that fit her well, and with the customization that permanent jewelry offers she now can wear a bracelet to match the one her granddaughter wears.

The name Sweet Petunia holds special meaning to Hirschfeld. When she was a girl, her grandmother called her Sweet Petunia, and thinking about that made her smile. Using that name connects her current business to memories that make her happy.

Currently Sweet Petunia Permanent Jewelry offers a variety of chains- sterling silver, 14k filled, and solid gold in either white or yellow. These chains are custom cut to size and carefully spot welded to a precise fit. Stacks of several chains are a very popular choice. Hirschfeld will soon be providing charms and connectors as options.

Each purchase comes with a cleaning solution so that the jewelry can be cleaned while in the shower.

Sweet Petunia Permanent Jewelry will be available in pop up locations and for corporate and home events. The first pop up event is on May 20 at Amelio’s Pizzeria in downtown Sidney from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. Additional events can be found on their Facebook page, and Hirschfeld can be reached at [email protected].