SIDNEY — As the 2022-23 school year comes to a conclusion, the Sidney City Schools Board of Education is preparing for the new school year by awarding contracts to current employees.

Current classified employees receiving two-year limited contracts were Melissa Bell, Ariel Burch, Donald Chupp, Roger Drummond, Tony Gerstner, Mike Gossard, Jim Piatt and Rickey Taylor, transportation; Dawn Knepper, Jill Richards, Lizbeth Sandoval-Andino, Becky Strunk, Elaine Tingler and Charlene Young, cooks; Brian Marchal, maintenance; Aaron Beaver, Jennifer Clemons and Austin Kinman, custodians; and Kelli VanAllen, secretary. Continuing contracts were awarded to Pam Brunswick, transportation; and Jael Wethngton, cook.

Current administrators receiving three-year limited contracts were Kevin Boerger, Michael Moore and Tiffany Rank. Certified employees receiving one-year limited contracts were Zachary Bell, Jenna Beremand, Cory Cotterman, Stephenie Denney, Mara Foster, Brooke Francis, Sarah Gaukin, Megan Gray, Erica Grossman, Mark Hilbun, Jillian Holthaus, Kayla Keaton, Rose Kuba, Andrew Lewis, Anna Martin, Melodie Myers, Kaylee Niekamp, Hayley Roberts, Mike Roby, Hattie Rioch, Missy Roush, Anna Ruckman, Caitlyn Schmackers, Patti Schmiesing, Sandy Shipe, Andrea Steenrod, Grace Wagner and Chelsae Wise. Certified employees receiving two-year limited contracts were Megan Koppin, Carrie Lament, Kristin Morris, Oshae Peart and Ashley Swiger. Certified employees receiving three year contracts were Adiana Chaney, Nancy Flory, Donovan Gregory, Alison Hermiller, Alysha Kroeger, Katie Marter, Tonya McLain, Janay Michael, Joe Moniaci, Courtney Spearman, Tim Tennant, Dexter Tobie, Kevin Veroneau, Jeff Webb and Bridget Williams.

The board accepted the resignations of teachers Bonita Breining, Kelsey Magoteaux, Holly Heindl, Natalie Townsend and Jane Hixon. The retirements of Marvin Hickman, bus driver, effective June 1, 2023, and Lisa Meiners, teacher, effective June 1, 2026, were accepted.

The board hired Matthew Burden, Emerson teacher, $44,403; Allison McClurg, Emerson counselor, $44,062; Holly Green, Emerson teacher, $42,703; Maria Goffena, Emerson teacher, $42,703; Tricia Peters, Emerson teacher, $65,655; Danielle Kunk, Northwood teacher, $42,056; Tayor Doty, Northwood teacher, $42,-56; Rebecca Knapke, Longfellow teacher, $42,056; and Samantha Garmann, Sidney Middle School teacher, $42,056. All are one-year contracts and begin Aug 23, 2023.

Hired Samantha Garmann as a substitute teacher at $110 per day for the remainder of the 2022-23 school year

New classified employees receiving one-year contracts were Cody Cagle, network system administrator, $28.70 per hour; Andy Scott, network system administrator, $26.67 per hour; Kari Ratermann, technical support specialist, $21.70 per hour; and Christopher Bolin, custodian, $18.90 per hour.

Classified substitutes hired were Jenna Mounts, substitute aide, $12.58 per hour, and substitute secretary, $15.18 per hour; and Rhonda Cavinder, substitute aide, $12.58 per hour.

Keith Daniels was hired as the head bowling coach. His one-year limited contract is for $3,785.

Summer and after school program employees hired were Tonya McClain, summer school director, $1,806; Katie Marter, summer school director, $1,806; Oshae Peart, summer school director, $1,528; Ally Davis, Cody Myers, Mike Roby, Alaina Sayre, Samantha Slover, Christian Taylor, Kelly Thorne and Michelle Wroda, summer school teachers, $30 per hour each.

Penny Borchers’ leave of absence/disability request from Aug 1, 2023 to July 3a, 2024, was approved.

The board also reemployed substitute teachers. substitute aides, substitute secretaries, substitute custodians, substitute bus drivers, OBI instructors, latchkey aides, substitute cooks, home instruction tutors, substitute cafe truck driver and substitute van drivers.