Ma and Pa’s Sweet Stop brings candy in a food truck


By Kimberly Pistone

[email protected]

SIDNEY – Ma and Pa’s Sweet Stop is a new food truck based in Sidney. Owners Steve and Diana McWilliams are excited to provide a candy truck that specializes in freeze dried candy.

Freeze dried candy has a more intense and sweeter flavor than the original candy. It is created by taking all the moisture out, but it results in a different texture than dehydrating. All types of candy are available freeze dried – milk duds, jolly ranchers, skittles, taffy, and waffle bites are just a few examples. McWilliams has two different vendors that supply freeze dried candy and each delivery contains new surprise flavors.

Freeze drying candy creates a new novelty look for old favorites. Chewy candies become crispy and hard candies become light and airy. Jolly ranchers, for example, change from hard, sticky rectangles to puffy balls that are easier to chew than before. McWilliams says his favorite flavors of freeze dried candy are milk duds and jolly ranchers.

In addition to freeze dried candy, Ma and Pa’s Sweet Stop sells candy bars, skittles, push pops, sour patch and more varieties of standard candy.

Ma and Pa’s Sweet Stop trailer can be found at the Great Sidney Farmer’s Market every Saturday by Ron & Nita’s. Customers can call ahead and place a pre-order to pick up while at the Farmer’s Market. They also are at IUTIS softball games and are in process of opening a brick and mortar store. Meanwhile they are booking for special events, street fairs and parades.

Follow Ma and Pa’s Sweet Stop LLC on Facebook to see the latest candies they offer and for their schedule of events.

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