Houston Community Association seeks volunteers

HOUSTON—Trustees of the Houston Community Association discussed the upcoming Fall Festival at Fort Loramie State Campground on their Sept. 4 meeting.They will have their food booth set up Sept. 13 through 15. People are needed to work the booth. Anyone interested in volunteering can contact Trisha Curl at 937-638-6238. Houston High School seniors can volunteer to work in the booth. They will be given points to be applied to a possible college scholarship when they apply in March or April 2020.

The first Friday night pizza night will be on Oct. 4 from 5 to 8 p.m. 14 and 16 inch pizzas with toppings of choice will be available, as well as cans of pop, bottles of water, and garlic bread. Carry-out is available by calling 937-295-3598. Friday night pizza nights will continue through March. All proceeds will help support the Houston High Schoool scholarship fund. Houston seniors planning to attend college can get points for volunteering to work pizza nights.

Anyone interested in renting the building can call 937-638-6238 for available dates and rates. Ask for Trisha.

The next meeting of the Houston Community Association will be held on Oct. 2 at 7 p.m. Please plan to attend and learn what the Community Association is all about.