Botkins choir earns high ratings

Staff report

BOTKINS — Members of the Botkins High School Choir recently participated at the Ohio Music Educators Association District Large Group Adjudicated Events at Bellefontaine High School.

The 19-member Soprano-Alto Ensemble earned straight superior ratings on the stage and an excellent rating in sightreading to qualify for state competition, April 28.

Members are Sarah VanBrocklin, Olivia Ewry, Jessica Haywood, Paige Doseck, Michelle Altstaetter, Emma Ewry, Lily Koenig, Isabella Ewry, Emma McName, Cassie Anderson, Olivia Lenhart, Grant Greve, Dani Schneider, Danielle Schwartz, Jamie Carducci, Alexis Vehorn, Jenna Free, Abby Wright, and Chloe Richardson.

The High School Choir received an overall superior rating on stage, but struggled for a good rating in sightreading, just missing qualifying for state competition by one point.

For only the second time in school history, Botkins’ Tenor-Bass Ensemble competed. The 14-member group received straight excellent ratings in their debut.

Staff report