NK Council names committees

By Sandy Schwieterman - For the Sidney Daily News

NEW KNOXVILLE — A upgraded street sweeper, new street lights and a discussion of final property lines on a new housing development were all topics of the New Knoxville Village Council addressed during its April 10 meeting.

A first reading approving increased health care costs was passed, and new committees were announced.

The council approved as an emergency an ordinance to spend $13,000 to purchase a used, Elgin Pelican street sweeper from Lacal Inc., of Jackson Center. Village Administrator Rex Katterheinrich said the old unit will be sold.

Katterheinrich also told the council that a project to upgrade street lighting along state Route 29 is moving forward. The 18 new street lights will extend from state Route 219 to Moulton-New Knoxville Road. He said much of the overhead wiring along the street will be moved underground.

Krisdale Development owners Dale Niemeyer and Krista Opperman came to the council meeting to discuss the final borders of the new housing development, Estates at Northfield Place, off Moulton-Engle Road, located on the former Manbeck Nurseries. The village will retain control of a landlocked plot that follows a creek. Final approval of the new, 17-lot R-2 development was to be during the Regional Planning Commission meeting, April 16.

Council approved a first reading of an ordinance that allows a 12 percent increase in health care costs covering New Knoxville employees. The increase adds $9,300 for the total of $68,547.60, effective June 1, 2018.

To accommodate summer activities, council agreed to move their monthly meeting to the second Wednesday rather than Tuesday beginning at 7:30 p.m.

Committee members were announced. They are:

• Electric Department: Andrew Roettger (chairman), Michael Kaup, Duane Steinecker and Doug Cain.

• Finance and Budget: Mark Howe (chairman), Duane Steinecker, Brian Jones and Abby Homan.

• Sewer and Refuse: Michael Kaup (chairman), Mark Howe and Carolyn Bock.

• Streets and Sidewalks: Carolyn Bock (chairwoman), Michael Kaup and Brian Jones.

• Water Department: Duane Steinecker (chairman), Mark Howe and Andrew Roettger.

• Zoning and Planning: Brian Jones (chairman), Carolyn Bock and Andrew Roettger.

• Community Improvement Corporation: Keith Leffel (president), Jeff Henschen (vice-president), Kort Fledderjohan (secretary/treasurer).

• Board of Trustees: Keith Leffel (mayor), Mark Howe, Brian Jones, Jason This (village solicitor), Rex Katterhenriech (village administrator), Ryan Miltner (New Knoxville school board), Tim Becker (Washington Township), Kort Fledderjohann (village resident) and Dave Bambauer (village resident).

• Planning Commision (six-year term): Keith Leffel, Brian Jones, Jeff Henschen (2018-2024), Greg Weadock (2015-2021), Kent Miller, chairman (2015-2021) and Justin Parsons (2017-2022).

• Zoning Board of Appeals (five-year term): Rex Katterheinrich (zoning adminstrator), Brian Jones (chairman), Jason This, Dan Wierwille (2015-2020), Darin Schroeder (2018-2023), Scott Newcomer (2018-2023) and Justin Parsons (2017-2022).

• Regional Planning Commission: Brian Jones (delegate) and Mark Howe (alternate).

By Sandy Schwieterman

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.