Real estate transfers

WAPAKONETA — The real estate transfers listed below have been recorded at the office of Auglaize County Recorder Chris Lambert between May 21 and May 25, 2018.


Certified Oil Corp. to G. A. Wintzer & Son, Co., part lot 95 and easement, $65,000.

Elijah J. and Rachel A. Johnson to Susan J. Cope, lot 411, Grandview estate #6A, $192,500.

Trenton R. and Brandi R. Fahncke to Kaitlynn E. Kantner, lots 1436 and 1437, $72,500.

St. Marys Township

Richard A. and Cathy J. Hirschfeld to George E. and Sandra E. Ropp, lot 135 and part lot 136, Villa Nova, $116,000.

Mary C. and Thomas E. Wiest II, trustees, to Shelley Harris, lots 196-197 and part lots 195 and 198, Villa Nova, $129,000.

John E. and Nancy M. Steer to Nicholas M. Manson, lot 138, block F, Southmoor Shores addition, $180,000.

Edward R. Holscher, trustee, to Edward R. Holscher, lot 616, Villa Court; part sections 5 and 6, no amount.

Noble Township

Mark D. and Sherry Rasneor to Joseph R. Young and Jacqueline M. Rasneor, part section 32 and lots 6-9, Toben’s SD (???), $228,566.

St. Marys

Peggy L. and Gilbert F. Cotrell to Kaleb R. Swiger, lot 335, West Oaks Meadows, $131,000.

Muriel M. Maze to Amanda Demange, part lot 44 and 46, Sprucewood 2nd subdivision, $137,000.

Creative Home Buying Solutions, Inc., to Robert Leonard, part lot 61, Armstrong East addition, $94,000.

JP Morgan Chase Bank to Vestnet, Inc., lot 15, block 23, East addition, $57,766.

Vivian Diane (Fry) Fly to Rodney E. and Melissa M. Kiefer, lot 14, Dunan and Donans add; lot 73, Heusch and Huffman add; part lot 92, West add, $11,000.


Reed Stemen, et all, to Reed A. and Amanda R. Stemen, part outlot 17, no amount.


Jo Ann Douglas to Dale Douglas, part lot 10, Dotsons addition, no amount.

Washington Township

Douglas A. and Emily R. Henschen to Jason A. Metzger, part section 19, $172,500.

Union Township

Douglas and Sheri Werling to Dwight D. and Megan L. Werling, part section 7, $157,000.

Wilma R. Randall, be executor, to R. Gary Hesseling, part section 1 (2.685A), $95,000.

Wilma J. Randall, by executor, to Stiles Family Limited Partnership, part section 1, $225,000.

New Knoxville

Andrew J. and Lori A. (Heitkamp) Chalk to Lori A. and Andrew J. Chalk, lot 121, German Reformed addition, no amount.

Clay Township

Alyshia R. Hensley to Kevin J. Fisher, part section 20, $103,500.

Nina Rostorfer to Virgil L. and Darrin P. Wilt, part section 17, $8,500.

New Bremen

Thomas A. and Deborah L. Nelson to Brett M. and Maylani C. Maurer, lot 6, Erie subdivision, $269,000.

Brett M. and Maylani C. Maurer to Joanna M. Zwiep, part lot 5, Meadowbrook subdivision #2, $139,000.

Duchouquet Township

Sandra R. Orchard to William Lester Orchard, part section 31, no amount.

Megan L. and Dwight D. Werling to Kody Alan McGue, lot 16 and part lot L15, Kelley’s Oakwood subdivision #2, $85,500.

Binkley Homes, LLC, to Scott A. Anerson, et al, lot 37, Summerchase subdivision, $184,500.

Ruth E. Armer Lester to Clifford W. and Sheila K. Hemmert, lot 20, Kelley’s Oakwood subdivision #2, $103,000.

Scott A. and Taryn C. Newman to Brian S. and Jennifer L. Sharp, lot 36, Summerchase subdivision, $184,000.

Logan Township

Sandra R. Orchard to William Lester Orchard, part section 36, no amount.


Edward R. Holscher, trustee, to Edward R. Holscher, lot 126, block A; lot 16 and part lot 15, block A; part lot 11, block H, no amount.

Pusheta Township

Melvin G. Keller Revocable Living Trust to David Zwiebel, part section 3, 4, 9, and 10, no amount.


Christopher E. Miller to Christopher Newlove and Celeste Navarro, lot 34, part L35, Crown Hill add, $119,900.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.

Compiled by Aimee Hancock.