Council addresses speeding problem

Agrees to place fire/rescue levy on November ballot

By Sandy Rose Schwieterman - For the Sidney Daily News

MINSTER – Minster Village Council decided at their meeting Tuesday night to take measures to deal with speeding issues at Four Seasons park north of town.

Minster resident Stephanie Schmitmyer spoke for about a dozen people attending the meeting, asking that speeding and other dangerous behavior along the north entrance to the park be stopped. Schmitmyer said that so much development had happened in the last five years, neighbors all felt that something had to be done before kids were hurt.

Council decided that they would pass an ordinance to set a 15 mph speed limit on the entrance road, which runs parallel to Line Drive. Also, plans will be made to install two speed bumps along the entrance drive. Spacing and size of the speed bumps are yet to be determined.

In other business, council accepted the Safety committee recommendation that a three-year 3 mil levy be added to the November General Election ballot to raise approximately $280,000 to support the village’s Fire and Rescue departments. The Safety committee members are Nicole Clune, Craig Oldiges and Curt Albers.

Council also approved a motion for Village Administration Don Harrod to solicit bids for the annual Minor Street Resurfacing Program. Streets listed for this work include sections of Lakewood, Southgate, Garfield, and a section of alley between Garfield and Jefferson. Harrod said that if bids costs came in low enough, they could also consider work on sections of Paris Street, Ohio Street, as well as regrading surface of the Paris Street basketball court.

Council also decided to have Harrod repair the swimming pool heater at a cost of approximately $21,000. Cost for a completely new pool heater would have been over $40,000. The contractor Regal Plumbing estimated this repair would extend the life of the pool heater by 5 to 10 years.

In his report to council, Harrod also said:

• The electric department should be done this week with a project to replace stop light pavement detection devices at First and Main.

• Industrial park property work continues with installation of the sanitary sewer line almost complete. The new lift station is expected to be delivered within the next couple of weeks. Crews will complete the storm and water lines that go across Columbia Drive at the exit onto State Route 66, allowing completion of the paving.

• The tennis court renovation project has begun with removal of the mesh fencing around the courts, and removal of the current asphalt base beginning this week. Thereafter, Homan and Stucke will be in to re-lay the court surface.

• Quotes for five new pool shade covers had come in at $17,000. Original estimate was $15,000.

• It is anticipated that village should be able to offer on line utility bill paying service sometime this summer.

• Travis Fishbaugh began as the new water/waste water superintendent on June 1.

• Approximately 150 people attended the June 3summer concert at Minster Machine Centennial Park. The next scheduled concert will be on June 24.

• On Friday, June 22, Frankfort Street from Fourth to Sixth Street will be blocked off from traffic to allow the Minster Civic Association to conduct their annual Historical Tour of the Village.

Finally, Ken Meiring, a member of the Sons of the American Legion, came to the meeting to thank council for their help with installing of veterans’ street banners. He also said that they had need for more room on light posts, as demand was outstripping the space available. It was agreed to double up banners on some poles inside town limits.

Agrees to place fire/rescue levy on November ballot

By Sandy Rose Schwieterman

For the Sidney Daily News

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.

The writer is a regular contributor to the Sidney Daily News.